5 FAVES: The Body Shop turns 40! #TBS40

5 FAVES: The Body Shop turns 40! #TBS40

This past weekend, The Body Shop celebrated its 40th birthday. And to celebrate, I’m sharing my favourites (along with some memories).

The Body Shop Satsuma fragrance EDT review

Honestly, I think every woman I know has used Satsuma fragrance before. Back in the day, you could get this as a perfume oil and even have a custom blend made in shop blending fragrance oil into lotions and potions. I remember packing my small Satsuma oil in my Caboodles kit and heading out on a road trip to Orlando in the late ’90s. Of course by the end of it, everything in that kit smelled like delicious, sweet citrus.

The Body Shop Sweet Almond Oil nail polish remover review

I discovered this a few years ago and have been using about a bottle a month ever since. Not only is it really gentle but it also removes every last bit of nail polish. And because there’s almond oil inside, your cuticles won’t suffer! When I was working through a mini swatch fest for this OPI Mustang post, I was very thankful to have this  sweet, sweet polish remover on hand.

The Body Shop Camomile Eye Makeup Remover review

This is actually a miracle solution for us beauty bloggers. On days when you’re putting lip swatch after lip swatch on your arms, you need something mild yet effective to clean up in between shots. I always make sure to have a full bottle of this on hand (especially on busy weekends when I’m doing photos for the upcoming week).

The Body Shop Vitamin E Night Cream review

Did you know that the Vitamin E line first launched in 1977? That’s the same year Star Wars was released in theatres, and also the same year I was born. So all in all, a pretty fantastic year, am I right? This is my go-to night cream and has been for years. I always go back to it after testing new skincare, just to get my skin balanced out again.

The Body Shop Peppermint Intensive Foot Rescue review

In 1985, The Body Shop launched a cooling Peppermint Foot Lotion after runners from the London Marathon came into a store complaining about their sore feet. I remember using the lotion way back when and now the offshoot of that lotion, the Intensive Foot Rescue. I live in Toronto and find myself walking a lot (I have no car and no patience for public transit). At the end of the day, this rich cream gives my feet some relief!

Over the years, The Body Shop has been a champion for causes near and dear to me. They have been helping to abolish animal testing across the world; they fight for Fair Trade initiatives to make sure people are paid fairly for their efforts; and this year they launched their Enrich not Exploit initiative with set of goals to make TBS the most ethical and sustainable global business.



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  • YES! Satsuma fragrance! David hates the scent of it though – SO ANNOYING.

    So many people recommend that eye makeup remover, I’ll have to actually pick it up one day! Once I run out of Marcelle… so in like… two years.

    • Aaron hates it too but he loves cotton candy and cookie scents…

  • Satsuma anything is amazing! I love it in shower products because it totally wakes me up in the morning! I have never tried the almond oil nail polish remover but absolutely need to now!

  • Had no idea they were around for 40 years already! (I feel old.)

  • Sassa

    I’ve been using the Vitamin C moisturizer for a couple of years now, mainly because it has both C and SPF 30, I was in my 50’s then, and everyone, from my kids to my hair dresser could tell that my skin was looking fabulous. Even last week, at 60, I was having a facial and the facialist asked me how old I was, and what I was using on my skin because it looked so good.

  • Wow these products bring me down memory lane! I love the satsuma scent and have the shower gel right now. I like some of their new releases too like the madagascan vanilla flower

    Raincouver Beauty

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