8 Great Stocking Stuffers from my Favourite Brands!

8 Great Stocking Stuffers from my Favourite Brands!

This one’s dedicated to all my blogger friends. I know you’ve spent the last month or so trying to post as many limited edition, holiday collections on your blog as you can. You may be a bit overwhelmed but now comes the fun part…

Sit back and reflect on the things you really enjoyed playing with, because I know that’s the most fun part for me! So here it is… eight things I liked that arrived in the mail I wouldn’t mind finding in my stocking.

1 The Body Shop Cranberry Fragrance Oil

The Body Shop Frosted Cranberry Home Fragrance Oil
$6 CAD (on sale for $3 right now)
When I first received this oil, I wasn’t sure what to do with it. But after a little research, I picked up an oil burner and now my house smells amazing.

2 Better Than Sex Mascara

Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara
full size is $30 CAD
I just cracked open this cute deluxe size ornament this morning and BAM! I had crazy beautiful lashes. This will definitely go in my mascara rotation for good.

3 Deciem Pore Delete

Hylamide Pore Delete
$19 CAD
A new innovation from my fave skincare overlords, Deciem. This was a bit tricky to get the hang of as you have to apply it ON TOP of your makeup. But I figured out a routine that involves squeezing a small dab on a sponge and patting it on my T-zone… and my pores are gone!

4 THEFACESHOP Character Sheet Masks

THEFACESHOP 3 Character Mask Set
(available at THEFACESHOP stores)
I love sheet masks but I always feel like a total creeper walking around the house in a white sheet. But these masks right here are just the cutest idea! Included are puppy (cotton), pig (honey), monkey (apple).

5 THEFACESHOP Perfumed Hand Cream

Lovely ME:EX Mini Pet Sweet Hand Cream
(available at THEFACESHOP stores)
I obviously love this because it has a big cat head on top! I keep this in my fashion backpack for a quick hit of hydration and a sweet scent.

6 LUSH First Snow Body Dusting Powder
LUSH First Snow Sparkling Dusting Powder
$6.95 CAD
No “best of” list would be complete without something from LUSH (and honestly, so many of their seasonal items are my faves so there is a FULL post coming later today). This leaves a nice amount of shimmer and a beautiful citrus scent while keeping your skin sweat-free. Perfect for when you got the dreaded “mall sweats”.

7 Schaf Eye Cream
Schaf Daily Eye Cream
$40 CAD (also available at The Detox Market!)
I recently discovered this all natural and organic focused skincare line out of Canada. This cream is thick and has peptides, Hyaluronic Acid and other good stuff. I started testing this out after I had a bad reaction to something and the skin around my eyes got dry and itchy. This cleared it up in TWO DAYS.

8 The Body Shop Glazed Apple Soap

The Body Shop Glazed Apple Soap
($4 CAD)
I fell in love with the Glazed Apple scent last year and was sad when it disappeared off store shelves. I am so glad The Body Shop brought it back again this year… and just in time, I am almost out of bar soap!

Sadly, no brands I work with sent me cats for my stocking. It’s really a shame because they should know a lot of us bloggers are also cat ladies and would definitely enjoy a kitty or two mixed in with our press packages…

I hope the holidays treat you all well and that you haven’t become disenchanted or stressed out by the season of overblogging. See you all tomorrow with what I hope will be the bottom of my “to blog” pile.

*Press samples obvs

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