Julie from Swatch & Review

Welcome to Swatch & Review!

If you’re just discovering this blog now, hey there! I’m Julie. A 30-something gal, copywriter-by-day with a big heart for all things beauty-related. This blog is a one-woman show based out of Toronto, Canada.

So what can you expect here? A little bit of everything. I have a major MAC Cosmetics addiction, so expect a lot of talk and excitement about upcoming collections. This blog is geared towards my Canadian readers as far as pricing and where to buy, but I still love hearing from everyone around the world.

This is where you’ll find out how products really look and feel on a regular person. I’m average at applying makeup, terrible at nail art and I have fairly temperamental skin. No airbrushing or retouching (except maybe my cuticles). Oh and you’ll notice I am obsessed with eyebrows, because I have none.

Stay classy,
Julie Martinson

 Lawyer speak: Any opinions expressed here are mine alone and do not reflect Environics Communications.