A closer look at the H&M Beauty Department

A closer look at the H&M Beauty Department

There over 700 products to choose from in the new H&M Beauty Department, so it can be hard to decide on just a few. With price points like $7.99 and $12.99, you’ll definitely get value for your dollar, but you may be wondering about the quality. Luckily, I’ve tested out quite a few different products and here are my thoughts.

HM Beauty Dept 1

When you first walk into the beauty deparment, you will be overwhelmed. There are walls and walls of colourful products surely to make your heart pitter-patter.

HM Beauty Eyeshadow palette Smoky Nudes review

This eyeshadow palette is only $12.99 CAD and comes in 7 different colour combos. I chose Smoky Nudes, for a great neutral everyday look.

HM Beauty Eyeshadow palette Smoky Nudes look
Sadly, this palette was a bit disappointing. I had to really layer and layer the shades on just to get them to show up. And damn was there ever a lot of fallout.

HM Beauty Eyeshadow palette Smoky Nudes look 2

I used about 5 different shadows for this look including one of the “glitters” but still it all kind of washed together.

HM Beauty Cream Lip Color in Brunette Ambition lipstick swatch 2

I was excited to try the Cream Lip Colour lipstick in Brunette Ambition, because for $12.99 CAD this could be a great alternative to some of my drugstore faves.

HM Beauty Cream Lip Color in Brunette Ambition lipstick swatch

I swatched it and noticed it was extremely creamy and slippery. It reminds me a lot of the L’oreal lipstick formula that does not agree with me.

HM Beauty Cream Lip Colour in Brunette Ambition

Yep, the formula is not my fave. It has way too much slip and tends to migrate all over the place. But don’t worry, the letdowns in the H&M Beauty Dept are few and far between.

HM Beauty Dept 4

There are two types of blush available at H&M: Radiance Powder Blusher and Cream Blusher, $12.99 CAD.

HM Beauty Radiance Powder Blusher Apricot 2

The packaging is sleek, modern and gorgeous!

HM Beauty Radiance Powder Blusher Apricot 1

I grabbed the Radiance Powder Blusher in Apricot, a soft light peach.

HM Beauty Radiance Powder Blusher Apricot swatch
This blush is soft and smooth, and it leaves quite a glow behind. The swatch above is only 2 swipes of my finger, which is pretty good for blushes.

HM Beauty Translucent Hi-Definition Setting Powder
I don’t own a lot of setting powders, so I decided to give the Translucent Hi-Definition one a try. This reminds me a lot of the MUFE setting powder as it doesn’t give a lot of flashback and really extends the wear of my foundation.

HM Beauty Look 1

Here’s look #1 using the Smoky Nudes palette, Apricot Blush, Brunette Ambition lipstick and Setting Powder.

HM Beauty Look 2

For me, the blush is really the star of the show.

HM Beauty Dept 7

After my disappointment with the shadow palette, I was hopeful that the singles, High Impact Eye Color, had better pigmentation and payoff.

HM Beauty High Impact Eye Colour

Each single shadow is only $7.99 CAD and there are tons of colours to choose from. I decided on a shimmer, a matte and a duochrome glitter.

HM Beauty High Impact Eye Colour look Let It Shine Sharp as Mustard Stayin Olive swatch

All three swatched really well, with the shimmer and glitter shades being the best. I had to work with the matte olive a bit to get it to lay down colour but it’s super pretty.

HM Beauty High Impact Eye Colour look

I used Stayin’ Olive in the crease and outer V and Sharp as Mustard on the lid.

HM Beauty High Impact Eye Colour look 2

I finished up with a hint of Let It Shine in the inner corner and under my brow. These wore well all day over primer and blended easily. Colour me impressed!

HM Beauty Velvet Lip Cream Dare Me (2)

And of course H&M has to stay on trend with a line of matte liquid lips! I chose Dare Me Velvet Lip Cream, $12.99 CAD, a deep wine burgundy.

HM Beauty Velvet Lip Cream Dare Me swatch

This dries down matte in about a minute and it has enough flexibility so it doesn’t crack or peel throughout the day.

HM Beauty Velvet Lip Cream Dare Me

It took 2-3 coats to get it even, as most deep shades of liquid lipstick tend to be patchy. This is a nice formula, although a bit too drying on my chapped lips.

HM Beauty Look 3

Look #2 using the three single shadows I got as well as the Dare Me liquid lipstick. This is actually my New Year’s Eve look!

HM Beauty Look 4

I also added a hint of the Let It Shine glittery shadow on my cheekbones and it gives off a nice, over-the-top glow.

HM Beauty Dept 2

Oh… and there’s nail polish. So many shades of nail polish!

HM Beauty Nail Polish Periwinkle December Dawn

I had trouble narrowing it down, but I decided on Periwinkle and December Dawn. Each are $7.99 CAD and come in a cute little rounded bottle.

HM Beauty Nail Polish Periwinkle swatch

Periwinkle is a gorgeous creamy blue that is opaque in one generous coat. I did not add top coat and these did not chip at all!

HM Beauty Nail Polish swatch December Dawn

This is one coat of December Dawn, a shifty gold, silver and pink top coat. It’s beautiful!

HM Beauty Dept 5
I have yet to try any of the bath & body products from H&M but I have heard good things about the scents and formulas. These range in price from $6.99 to $12.99.

HM Beauty Dept 3
And there is a small lifestyle and home section too! If I didn’t already have my hands full with all the makeup (and let’s be real, I also bought boots that day) I would’ve picked up some fresh towels and candles.

The H&M Beauty Department is a new favourite destination of mine and I always make sure to swing by when I can to pick up a new eyeshadow or blush. Have you tried anything from H&M Beauty yet?

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  • I haven’t tried anything yet but I’d love too! The prices are a bit high for “drugstore” but the blushes look really great!! Too bad the eyeshadow palette didn’t have good payoff, it would have been such a perfect little kit. Hope you have a happy new years!

    Raincouver Beauty

  • obvs the eyeshadows are calling to me. i so want them!!

  • the eyeshadow singles have really caught my attention from this lineup, the polishes also but i have so many polishes. obviously never enough eyeshadow!

  • I am so planning to add more H&M Beauty items to my stash this year. I am so in love with the powder blush I have (Imperial Red) and with the cream eye shadow formula. Definitely want to try more single shadows and lipsticks. Love the brown-toned lipstick on you! xo

  • I totally missed those liquid lipsticks – they look so amazing! That shade is pretty intense, though.


  • Suzette Jansen Smith

    Love the nail polish!