A Day at the LUSH Spa in New York City: Hard Days Night Treatment review

A Day at the LUSH Spa in New York City: Hard Days Night Treatment review

Amidst the crowds, car horns, tourists and buzz of New York City, I found my zen place at the LUSH Spa in New York City. I felt like I had been on my feet for weeks when I arrived, having survived IMATS the day before as well as a pretty lacklustre drag show and long walk across the city at 2am. I needed to relax and soothe my tired muscles.

LUSH Lexington New York City

The store and spa on Lexington has a similar set-up to the ones in Toronto: everything is beautifully displayed and the tables and shelving are a dark wood. But there’s just something about this quiet piece of paradise in the centre of this busy city that sets it apart. It felt like I was escaping something or discovering a secret hideaway. The staff were enthusiastic, passionate and extremely knowledgeable. I could tell they loved working there!

LUSH Spa Lexington New York City 1

After waiting a few minutes downstairs at the store, I was lead up to the spa on the second floor. It reminded me of a British country kitchen with its contrast of tiles, dark wood, wildflowers and tea cups.

LUSH Spa Lexington New York City 3

The displays give you a glimpse into some of the treatments they offer. I believe the top shelf showcases “bubblers” that come in 11 different words depending on what the client wants (ie  Peace, Energized, Perspective).

LUSH Spa Lexington New York City 2
These little vials are a part of the Synaesthesia treatment which lets you choose what emotional journey you want to take. And as cool as that sounded, I had already decided on my treatment months (years?) before as soon as I had heard about it. The Hard Days Night Treatment mixes passive stretching, massage and Beatles tunes.

LUSH Spa Lexington New York City 5
My LUSH “host” was Sarah, and she was amazing. Before the treatment, we sat down on these couches and chatted about the treatment so my expectations were set. She led me into a small dark room and I slipped into a pair of comfy loose flannel PJs… and the treatment began.

Watch the video above to get a full in-depth look at what I experienced. It was definitely different than any spa treatment I have ever had. Sarah guided my body effortlessly to the beat of the Hard Days Night soundtrack, and she stretched my body in ways I didn’t know it could be stretched. Songs included soft, folksy covers of Hard Days Night, Ticket to Ride, Strawberry Fields and more. (I loved the music so much, I bought the CD!)

LUSH Spa Lexington New York City 4

For the last five minutes of this 75 minute journey, Sarah led me through a meditation. I was already feeling very centred and this just put me in a zen-like state for a few minutes.

LUSH Spa Lexington New York City 7

After I pulled myself together and got dressed, I went to the washroom to clean up and was greeted with all my favourite LUSH products! I spritzed some Karma on my wrists, sprayed some Celestial face moisturizer and freshened up my hair with a little No Drought.

LUSH Spa Lexington New York City 6

I returned to the larger room and Sarah had made me a pot of tea, served on a vinyl record. We sat and chatted for about 10 minutes while I regained some level of consciousness (seriously, this treatment will relax you like nothing else).

After leaving the spa, I spent the next few minutes walking aimlessly down Park Ave. reflecting on what I had just experienced. It felt like a love letter from LUSH to me. The treatment was so thoughtful, so choreographed but organic, and exactly what I needed at that moment. If you’re ever in New York City or Philadelphia, I urge you to visit the LUSH Spa and treat yo’self.

You can book your appointment online and choose from 9 different treatments, all using products available exclusively at the LUSH Spa.


*The treatment was graciously paid for by LUSH Canada. Opinions are my own.



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