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Kat Von D and me, Oct 2015. A blogging highlight!


Readers and community members, you can read all about me here.

Who am I?
I’ve been a writer my whole life – starting in journalism in the late 90’s and ending up as a copywriter about 10 years ago. I’ve worked in digital advertising where I learned all about SEO, social media, coding and web best practices; I’ve worked in traditional advertising where I learned the difference between writing a quick :30 second TV spot or radio ad and writing a long form video for online consumption; and now I work in PR where I am learning new things everyday about influencer marketing and the changing landscape of advertising in general.

Why work with me?
I get it! I know what it takes to have a breakthrough idea, because I do it everyday. I know what it’s like to create a campaign with bloggers as well as have campaigns pitched to me. BUT that isn’t what this blog is all about. When working towards a collaborative partnership, it’s not all about the dollar bills here. You’ll find sponsored content few and far between (as well as a very small amount of banner ads). I am just looking for brands I truly love and want to support because I want to be honest to my readers. So please reach out, let’s chat and solve problems together. There is always I way I can help you reach your goals!

The future of Swatch & Review…
I can honestly say I love this blog. It’s a labour of love and a true passion that, although it takes up a great deal of my time, is worth it. For the near (and extended) future this blog with be me and only me, writing about what I like (and don’t), and hopefully inspiring others to try something new. It’s a chronicle of who I am now and where I’m at.

If you want to chat beauty, sponsorships or collabs, email Julie@swatchandreview.com

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