April CBB Round-up

April CBB Round-up

The last Sunday of every month, I’ll be doing a round-up of my favourite posts from the Canadian Beauty Bloggers team!

A Beautiful Zen – PSA: Just Be Natural?
Ok this one was posted at the end of March (almost April!) but I think it’s an important conversation to have. Chat with Jenn about whether or not you’re going au naturel!

Beauty Infinitum – Interview with Darling Clandestine
Our Blog of the Month! Find out more about a wonderful indie company that makes handmade fragrances that are unique and even whimsical.

Beyond Blush – Giorgio Armani Blushing Fabric Review
Now this one was tough because Laura has mastered the art of posting daily or even several times a day, so there was lots to choose from. This product was something I had never heard of and is now on the top of my want list.

Chantal’s Corner – Pregnancy Diaries: My Second Trimester
(Another ALMOST April post). Some of my favourite posts are ones that are more like journal entries. I love Chantal’s baby journey: the progress photos, the symptoms coming and going. It’s really quite eye-opening for me, someone who has never had kids (and has no plans for them).

Cosmetic Proof – Roughles Easter Nail Art
Jayne always amazes me with the nail art she creates. It’s professional quality and simply breathtaking. Her now award-winning Easter mani is one of her best!

Exquisitely Chic – Earth Day for the Va-Jay-Jay
Cassy is so sassy! And I love that she decided to talk about a topic that most women don’t like to talk about publicly… feminine hygiene. I’m also really proud of Cassy’s blog too. In the last few months she’s already done TWO site makeovers and a site migration to her own self-hosted URL! Amazing!

Fun Size Beauty – AWKS TALK: Underarm and Springtime
Steph can make any awkward topic totally adorable and fun. Hop on over to her blog to chat about armpits and waxing!

Ivory Avenue – Bathtime Beauty: LUSH edition
The one thing I love the most about Natalie’s blog is her Bathtime Beauty posts (stay tuned for one on this blog coming soon!). And seeing as I love LUSH too, this post was definitely right up my alley.

Just J – Fashion Challenge: Lacoste
I don’t read a ton of fashion blogs because let’s face it, I’m not super fashionable (unless you call slip-on Vans with holes fashionable). So I love when my daily blog reads throw a little bit of style into my life. Jordana is also part of a fashion challenge so you should totally vote for her.

Kalyn Lord – Why I Include COSDNA Information
Not only does Kalyn write blog posts full of personality she also makes sure to add as much detail to her reviews as possible. Let Kalyn school you on why she includes COSDNA info to her posts and why it’s important.

Megan Joy – San Francisco Benefit Store
Ok I could go on and on about how much I envy Megan’s eyeliner skills, but I am sure she is sick of hearing it. I am excited to live vicariously through her blog while she explores San Francisco, her new home!

My Beauty Full Adventure – Eat Sleep Polish collection
I love nail polish and I love cats. So when Chelsey reviewed Eat Sleep Polish and I saw there was a kitty on the packaging, I was sold. Learn more about this super neat indie nail polish company!

Nicole About Town – Sleek True Colour Lipstick
Some of the most beautiful lipsticks on some of the most beautiful lips (not creepy at all, Julie… right?). Sometimes I just love a really good review!

Scarlet Beauty – Revlon Chameleon Nail Polish 
I love this polish, it’s one of my faves (and of course you know I love Revlon… but I may be a bit biased).

The Happy Sloths – MoYou Fairy Tale Stamping Plate
When I’m not swooning over Jasmine’s lip pics, I’m drooling over her nail looks. This stamping plate look is adorable, professional and absolutely gorgeous!

Workaday Ramblings – Punky Colour Hair Dye
I used to have purple hair and damn I miss it! So when Sarah chopped her hair and dyed it purple, I was definitely pining for my old hair style. I LOVE Sarah’s hair and look forward to seeing her add different colours!

Writing Whimsy – Demeter Apple Blossom Fragrance
I love reading Zoe’s tea and fragrance reviews, and the latest one that’s piquing my curiosity is this Apple fragrance. I am not a big fan of fragrance normally but lots of her reviews have encouraged me to go out and try some new scents.

Well there you have it. Our month in a nutshell!

  • aww I love this post, such a great idea and I am so happy you enjoy my fragrance reviews and they even encourage you to go outside your fragrance comfort zone. Apple Blossom is delicious!

  • I love your post! It’s so neat to see everyone’s personalities in your picks. And I will definitely do different colours in my hair in the future. I’ve been thinking about adding so turquoise. It’s totally normal to match your hair colours to your blog colours, right?

  • this is a great post! thanks for the doing the round up (and for picking a more interesting post i made. i really like writing my PSA posts. i feel like i’m actually ‘writing’ in them)

    • I really did enjoy that post and hope you do more of them! I think some of our best posts are opinion and conversation!

  • Aww I loved this post!! So much love 🙂

    • It was so hard to narrow down to just one. Everybody has so much good stuff!!!

  • Cassandra Turcotte

    Love the love! I feel like I miss so much on the blogs 🙁 good to see round-ups so I can revisit.

  • This is a great idea, I love it! And I’m glad you’re enjoying my Pregnancy Diaries! 😀

  • Lol. Loved the post…and the comment about my lips is not creepy at all! 😛

  • Yay yay yay, what a great idea! 🙂

  • <3333333 Love this!

  • Jayne

    Awww, thank you Julie!! I will try to do some awesome nail art every month then!