Avon AeroVolume Mascara review

Avon AeroVolume Mascara review

I’m dropping a little beauty science on you today! Avon AeroVolume Mascara uses aerospace-inspired technology. So it’s like rocket science for your lashes!

This mascara promises lots of volume without feeling heavy. It keeps lashes lifted all day and is waterproof and clump resistant.

Avon AeroVolume mascara
The unique star-shaped brush creates vertical lift and even application. The little bristles are a bit like fan blades.

Avon AeroVolume mascara look
2 coats of AeroVolume, no lash primer, no curler, no brush comb or spoolie used.

Avon AeroVolume mascara close
Lots of definition and a bit of curl. No clumping, little flakes.


The good stuff: I got lots of volume and it really is lightweight. I actually forgot I had mascara on today… then I rubbed my eyes… and the mascara stayed put!
What could improve: This isn’t as dramatic as I would like (Benefit They’re Real is the gold standard for me).

Final thoughts: I have sensitive eyes that I rub sometimes. I need a mascara to hold up to that, and this does! Perfect for every day. I am on hour 15 of wear and it is still as fresh as in the morning. Plus my lashes are super soft.

Avon AeroVolume mascara is available starting in April. Ask your Avon rep or go to Avon.ca or Avon.com to order. (I think this is already out overseas though!)

The lovely folks at Avon were nice enough to send me this for review, but the opinion expressed is honest and my own!

  • The fact that it actually curled your lashes is pretty damn amazing!

  • Kalyn Lord

    This isn’t very dramatic, but it does look natural and quite lovely on you!

  • Brittnee KAO

    I love the Benefit Their Real too but it bothers my eyes a LOT. But seriously nothing else gives you that kind of lash drama!

  • i’m looking at an avon catalog right now & decided to look for a review on this mascara & your site was the first one that popped up .

    would you say this formula is a bit more dry ?

    i have long , stubbornly straight lashes so “wet” formulas weigh my lashes down & don’t hold the curl at all .

    ––– Nicole

    • It’s not too wet and definitely is light weight. It will NOT weigh your lashes down and does hold a curl 🙂

      • sweeet !

        will try it out since its only $5.99 .

        thank you ! 🙂

        ––– Nicole