Bathtime Beauty with Natalie!

Bathtime Beauty with Natalie!

Hello friends! I’m Natalie of Ivory Avenue and I am very excited to be helping Julie out with a post. Before we get started, can we just take a moment to be jealous about her trip to Australia? So jealous.

I love taking baths, so I started a series on my blog earlier this year called Bathtime Beauty. In this series I talk about the products I’m using and whether or not I’m enjoying them. Are they good? Bad? Terrible? I write down all my thoughts and share it with you.

Le Labo Rose 31 Perfuming Body Lotion

Le Labo Rose 31 Perfuming Body Lotion
This body lotion is pretty moisturizing and comfortable to use, but it’s the scent that makes it so amazing. It has the most lovely and relaxing rose scent. It makes me so happy! If you are big on scent, I cannot recommend this enough. Besides the awesome smell, the lotion itself is great. I use it mostly for hands and legs, and a little goes a long way. It absorbs quickly, it isn’t sticky or greasy, and doesn’t irritate skin. Basically it’s amazing.

Lush Wonder Wooho Bubble Bar

Lush Wonder Wooho Bubble Bar

Wonder Woohoo Bubble Bar 
This bubble bar actually a gift from Julie from way back in June! As I’m sure you can see, this bubble bar is really really really sparkly. There was glitter everywhere after taking these photos. This bubble bar was part of the Mother’s Day Collection. It’s orangey and awesome and lovely in the morning (though be wary: you may come out of the bath looking like a golden disco ball – just kidding!).

I couldn’t decide whether I should use this bubble bar for one bath or two, so I decided to break it in half and see how my bath looked. After seeing a lot of bubbles from only half the bubble bar, I decided that half was enough. Half of this made an impressive amount of bubbles, I had to say. Unfortunately, there was hardly any scent at all. I could really only smell it if I held it directly under my nose!

To my surprise, there was no shimmer to the water. I think the sparkling bits of the bath bomb may have disintegrated in the water because I didn’t see them anywhere. It was a bit of a relief, to be honest. I didn’t want to scrub down the tub afterwards due to glitter residue, or rinse myself in the shower because I was sparkling like Edward. Overall, I did really like this bubble bar: I just wish it had a bit more of a scent to it.

The Face Shop Real Nature Red Ginseng Sheet Mask

Face Shop Real Nature Red Ginseng Sheet Mask

I love these sheet masks from The Face Shop. There are so many varieties, there is sure to be one for every skin type. This one contains 6 year old Red Ginseng which is meant to nourish and revitalize. The mask itself is slightly red/brown hued, which I’m assume is because of the red ginseng and not because it’s rotten. The mask contains saponin which is apparently good for tired skin. Who knew? Not so awesome: because of the red/brown colour to the mask, it does slightly colour the skin. Nothing a bit of water can’t remove, but still.

The Face Shop Black Sugar Phyto Powder in Cleansing Cream

Face Shop
Black Sugar Phyto Powder in Cleansing Cream
One of my all time favourite cleansers, hands down. It smells like brown sugar and takes off all my makeup no problem. What more could I possibly want? It claims to help reduce blackheads and pores, and I can’t say I really noticed that it did. Really, if you’re in the market for a new cleanser… I’d highly recommend you give this one a try.

And that’s it for my bathtime post – I hope you enjoyed it! What products have you been loving lately?

Note from Julie: I’M ON A BOAT! (Obviously I wrote this before I got on the boat)

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  • Natalie, I just bought more bath stuff from LUSH and definitely thought of you 🙂 I also just bought the Vanilla Bean Noel lotion from Bath and Body Works and I am SO excited!

  • that cleanser sounds amazing…. brown sugar yum!

  • This literally sounds like heaven!