Beach Hair Without the Beach: LUSH Seanik Shampoo, BIG Conditioner and Sea Spray review

Beach Hair Without the Beach: LUSH Seanik Shampoo, BIG Conditioner and Sea Spray review

I don’t really get a chance to head up to a cottage or lay out in the sand very often, but I do crave that beachy hair look. Luckily, LUSH has some great beach-themed products that really give my hair an “all day out in the sun playing volleyball, oops you got sunscreen in your hair…” hair.

LUSH Seanik Solid Shampoo
First, I start with SEANIK Solid Shampoo ($11.95 CAD) made with two kinds of seaweed and a bit of sea salt. This softens, adds shine and boosts the volume of my hair, and it smells like the ocean (fresh and salty).

LUSH Big Solid Conditioner
Next, I add some BIG Solid Conditioner ($9.95 CAD) to my hair by moistening the bar under warm water and sliding the bar down my hair from root to tip. This smells heavenly and actually reminds me of the scents of a beach: salty sunscreen. It’s a mix of vanilla, jasmine, tonka, sea salt and coconut oil, so you hair is left hydrated, shiny and full of volume.

LUSH Sea Spray Hair Mist
I actually use SEA SPRAY Hair Mist ($12.95 CAD) when my hair is wet and dry. I spritz a bit in my hair after I’ve toweled off and then twist sections freestyle and let it air dry. This helps bring out my natural curl.

Then, once it’s dry, I’ll spritz a bit more all over to hold it in place. This orange flower, grapefruit, neroli and rosewood mist is almost like a hair perfume for me with a bit of hold. It smells fresh and a bit sweet, and when mixed with the lingering scent of BIG conditioner, I honestly can’t stop smelling my hair.

LUSH Beach Waves Hair 1

LUSH Beach Waves Hair 1

LUSH Beach Waves Hair 1

My curls are defined but not overly styled or crunchy, my hair has lots of volume and there’s a ton of shine without being greasy. And did I mention all these products together make the most gorgeous scented hair ever?

Now I can’t say how these would work on straight or fine hair, but I think you should give it a shot. The BIG Solid Conditioner has been my go-to Summer hair care for over a year and I’m never going back!


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  • Seanick and Sea Spray are two of my all-time favourite Lush products! I love the beachy scents and they really do add some amazing volume and texture. I wasn’t super impressed with the original Jungle solid conditioner (found it awkward to use), but I’m curious about Big!

  • These sound like they smell amazing! I’ve tried a sea spray before (from Bumble and bumble) and it made me look like I had dandruff cause it would leave white-ish spots on my shoulders (I’m guessing from the salt in it).

  • I love the beachy vibe that sea salt sprays give! I haven’t tried any LUSH hair products before, but I’m dying to. I always get too distracted by all the bath bombs when I go in haha.