Charlotte Tilbury Legendary Brows Sculpting Gel review

Charlotte Tilbury Legendary Brows Sculpting Gel review

For those of you blessed with full, luscious brows, you know how much of a struggle taming those brow hairs can be. Well the new Charlotte Tilbury Legendary Brows setting gel landed on my desk a couple weeks ago… will it replace my current HG setting gel from Anastasia Beverly Hills? Read on, my friends.

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Legendary Brows comes in 4 shades: clear, Brigitte (blonde, light brown or red hair), Linda (dark blonde to medium brown hair), Cara (dark brown to black hair). Pictured above is the clear one, and first off I noticed the tiny little brush which is perfect for setting your brows in small sections giving you control and precision. I also noticed that the brush itself is extremely high quality with no stragglers or mishaped fibres.

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So what makes Legendary Brows different? It’s the formula containing the “Magic Elasticizing Wax”. This sets the brows in place without any sticky or hard build-up and the brow hair still have a bit of flexibility so it looks natural.
There is also vitamin E to help nourish the brow hair and Castor Oil, known for helping to strengthen and even encourage growth. And as you can see above, my brow hairs are set in place and even have a bit of a thicker, more voluminous look to them.

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For me, the clear gel is definitely a hit! I use this every day to give my sparse brows slight definition. I haven’t had a chance to try any of the tinted Legendary Brows yet, but you can watch Wayne Goss’ review below for more info.

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  • Amy R

    I’m very excited to try this!

  • Todd March

    Overused phrase, but this is honestly a HG product for me! One of the most amazing cosmetic products I have ever had the pleasure of using. I am light-medium beige, with white Nordic eyebrows that you can’t see–at all. I don’t wear any eye makeup, so if penciling in brow color I must have a very light hand, and they still often look too penciled in, or too smeary–it’s hard to get right and it takes time and attention–and even the best of pencils never last all day.

    Then along came Legendary Brows! You simply swipe the super small brush over your brow hairs, and you can be quick and not pay the closest of attention, and the hairs just magically take up the gel. The gel is not attracted to skin much at all (which is why the application is so easy) though you can use the slight globs of the gel at the end of the brush like a direct paintbrush for thinner parts of your brows, particularly at the tail, and it will very lightly shade baby hairs and skin. For my very light brows I use “Bridgette”, the lightest shade, and it adds just enough color to reverse my invisible brows, leaving them lightly shaded and noticable, but it does not add so much contrast that they are too dark and artificial looking for my pale complexion (unlike the majority of almost all other brow and eye products).

    Applying this product is almost automatic and foolproof for me, and takes maybe 2 minutes total. This product literally almost applies itself! And it keeps the brow hairs locked in place, and the color endures, for 12+ hours. Holy grail!

  • Amy R

    Did you catch how many grams of product it is? Trying to decide if it’a worth the switch from Anastasia. Looks like a smaller tube.