Clarins Everlasting Foundation SPF15 in Porcelain (102.5)

Clarins Everlasting Foundation SPF15 in Porcelain (102.5)

18-hour wear, a perfect complexion, SPF and it feels good on… WHAT IS THIS MAGIC FOUNDATION? The new Clarins Everlasting Foundation+ has a lot of benefits and claims, and I’ve been testing it out all week to see if it really does do everything it says it does. I’m like a makeup mythbuster!

Clarins Everlasting Foundation SPF15 Porcelain 102_5 review 4
But first, let’s take a look at the luxe packaging. Clarins never ceases to amaze me when it comes to package design, from the gold insignia cap to the frosted glass, this bottle screams luxury.

Clarins Everlasting Foundation SPF15 Porcelain 102_5 review 2
The foundation is delivered in a plastic pump applicator that pumps out exactly enough for my whole face, about a quarter-sized dollop.


Clarins Everlasting Foundation SPF15 Porcelain 102_5 review 3
The frosted glass is thick and sturdy (and a bit hefty).


Clarins Everlasting Foundation SPF15 Porcelain 102_5 review swatch


The finish: it’s matte with a bit of luminosity. It has medium buildable coverage as you can see by the coverage of my moles. And there’s some good stuff in here: bamboo powder and organic quinoa for hydrating comfortable wear, white tea and succory to protect against environmental damage and it’s SPF 15.

(Yep, the shade is a bit too dark for my MAC NW15 skin during the Winter months, but this will be perfect once I get bit of sun. I’d say Porcelain is the equivalent to NW20).


Clarins Everlasting Foundation SPF15 Porcelain 102_5 review face 2

Sometimes when I put foundation on, especially when it has SPF or a medium coverage, my skin feels tight and heavy. This stuff feels like I just put moisturizer on, and it has a botanical scent to it (similar to what I smell when I use my Hydraquench products). NO sunscreen scent or white flashback!

Clarins Everlasting Foundation SPF15 Porcelain 102_5 review face
One pump blended out with a BeautyBlender did cover my whole face nicely. I have mild rosacea on my cheeks, a decent-size scar on my nose (nose ring), a minor breakout near my chin, and I had some pretty bad irritations from brow threading the day before. ALL OF IT, covered. And my skin has a nice matte glow to it too. This is just a bit of primer (Benefit Porefessional) and the foundation. No concealer, no corrector, no powder, no setting spray.

So about that 18-hour wear time… I put it to the test! I woke up at 7:30am today, put my face on around 8am. I went the whole day without touching up at all and checked my face in the mirror at the gym around 7pm. Still mostly matte, still fully covered and still fairly flawless almost 12 hours later (although a bit of oiliness was coming though).

And after the workout, well I usually look like a complete mess, and I wouldn’t say this outlasted the brutal circuit I did, but I wasn’t as red as usual and the foundation was mostly still on. AND no dry patches, which is almost a first for me.

In conclusion, the tale of the perfect foundation is real!
Matte finish ✔
Comfortable ✔
Even complexion ✔
18-hour wear ✔ (let’s say 12 hours + a trip to the gym)

WANNA GET IT? You totally should.
Clarins Everlasting Foundation is $41 CAD and comes in 10 shades. Available at all Clarins counters now and on!

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  • i actually wonder if 103 is lighter…

    edit: probably not, this just looks so dark in the swatch although it is wearable on you.

    • 103 Ivory is indeed lighter (I looked it up last night, my bad I should’ve checked first before choosing Porcelain).

      • okay I’m not crazy! cause I have 103. and I still need to finish testing but i think it’s a great match for my NC15.

        • Just jumping in here: I also asked for 102.5 because I assumed it would be the lightest shade.. Something (other than the fact that it was the lowest number…) led me to believe this was the lightest shade. I never really trust the photos on websites, so I didn’t believe that 103 would be lighter because WHY WOULD THAT MAKE SENSE!?

          • yeah if you look at the press release, 102.5 does look darker. it is confusing though. i don’t understand either, which is why i was so confused in my original comment.

          • Ugh, I feel like such an idiot now. And I also feel terrible because this shade is going to be far too dark on me!

          • We have made a huge mistake Natalie. 103 is lighter.

  • uh WOAH this sounds frickin awesome! i can’t believe it lasted that long and covered that well (while still being lightweight) must check it outs.

    • It is so nice! You know I love my Clarins skincare, and this is like skincare + foundation. I am totally going to buy the lighter shade.

  • Ah, this sounds like a perfect foundation for me! Medium coverage with a luminous matte finish and long wear is what I’m all about 🙂 I’ve finished 3 foundations over the past 2 months, so perhaps a perfect reason to snag this one?!

  • The finish looks so beautiful…I’ve been looking for a new foundation and I think this is definitely at the top of my list. It manages to make your skin glow despite being matte! AHHHMAZING!

  • Your skin looks flawless!

  • Jayne

    Ooh girl, your skin looks good!