DAVIDsTEA 24 Days of Tea Advent Calendar 2016 (Part One)

DAVIDsTEA 24 Days of Tea Advent Calendar 2016 (Part One)

Are you ready for some spoilers? The DAVIDsTEA 24 Days of Tea has launched online and in stores, and I have already tested out the first six teas (because I could not help myself).

DAVIDsTea 24 Days of Tea Advent Calendar 2016

The format is the same as last year, a sturdy box with little drawers that contain tins inside. The size is actually a tad bigger but for the same price of $40 CAD. Last year was 7.8oz. (See my review here)

DAVIDsTea 24 Days of Tea Advent Calendar 2016

The design is a bit more “whimsical” this year with the illustrated mouse scene and the multi-size numbers. And do you see what I see? A surprise on Day 5!

DAVIDsTea 24 Days of Tea Advent Calendar 2016

Now before I get into the teas, let’s chat packaging. The drawers are sturdy and pull out easily. Once you’ve finished the tea inside, you can flip the box over and there’s an illustration on the back that slowly turns into a full picture (I’ll show you the finished picture on Day 24!)

DAVIDsTea 24 Days of Tea Advent Calendar 2016

Each drawer has full info about the tea inside. For example, Day 1 is a low caffeine herbal that needs to be steeped up to 7 minutes.

DAVIDsTea 24 Days of Tea Advent Calendar 2016

The tin, which is the same as last year’s, is small metal shown above next to my fingers for size reference. Sometimes the lids can be a bit tricky but I find trying to turn them or pop off one side helps.

DAVIDsTea 24 Days of Tea Advent Calendar 2016

Snow Day
Low caffeine, herbal
This was Day 22 in last year’s calendar that has a few tiny sugar snowflakes inside. I wasn’t a huge fan of it last year, it has a strong peppermint, but this year I LOVE IT. I have grown quite accustomed to mint teas so this was a nice treat.

Ingredients: Peppermint leaves, cocoa beans, cocoa husk, chocolate drops (sugar, cocoa mass, cocoa butter, cocoa powder, sunflower lecithin), white chocolate pieces (sugar, cocoa butter, whole milk powder, sunflower lecithin), sugar sprinkles.


Jumpy Monkey
Stimulant, Maté
I replaced my morning coffee with this one and although it wasn’t quite as strong as my daily coffee, it did the trick! This has a slight nutty and sweet flavour to it and just tastes rich. I haven’t really had anything like it!

Ingredients: Roasted yerba mate, green yerba mate, white chocolate (sugar, cocoa butter, milk powder, butter oil, soy lecithin, vanilla extract), carob, baba budan coffee, green peaberry coffee, Brazil green coffee, Kenya green coffee, chicory, olive leaf, almonds.


Low Caffeine, Green
What an interesting mix! This has the near-bitter taste of long green tea leaves mixed with the roasty flavour of rice.

Ingredients: Steamed green tea from Japan, roasted and popped rice.


Organic Serenity Now
No Caffeine, Herbal
This is my new favourite tea! It’s very floral because of the lavender seeds, and that tangy hit of hibiscus really cuts through the powdery floral to give you a nice well-balanced blend.

Ingredients: Currants, rosehips, apple, lavender, spearmint, hib iscus, blueberries, rose petals, strawberries, quince. With natural rose water and strawberry flavouring.


Are you ready for this?





$5 OFF! They didn’t have this little gem last year.


Coffee Cake
Medium Caffeine, Black
This one is strong and sweet, mostly because of the mix of candied fruit and pineapple. I found this to be a pleasant mid-afternoon pick me up. Sometimes black tea can be too bitter for me, but this blend is perfect, especially with a hit of coconut milk stirred in.

Ingredients: Black tea, candied fruit (cranberries, sugar, cherry juice, citric acid, natural cherry flavour, elderberry juice, sunflower oil), pineapple (sugar cane, pineapples, citric acid), natural and artificial flavouring.


Apple Cider
No Caffeine, Herbal
Have you ever had fresh apple juice, not that crap from concentrate? This tastes like that only more subtle. Plus there is also a creaminess to it that makes this almost taste like pie? I imagine this would be great iced as well.

Ingredients: Apple, apple pomace (pomace, citric acid), sweet blackberry leaves, apple flavouring (artificial apple flavouring, concentrated apple juice), artificial vanilla and cream flavouring.


If you were on the fence about DAVIDsTEA 24 Days of Tea, I suggest you grab it immediately! It’s a great value and sells out every single year.

Stay tuned, I’ll be back after the weekend with the next six teas!


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