Essence If I Were a Boy colour & go nail polish review

Essence If I Were a Boy colour & go nail polish review

I’ve been seeing pale blue everywhere lately (especially in the audience at Fashion Week). So when I spied this Essence nail polish in a dusty light cornflower blue, I had to grab it! AND now I have Beyonce singing in my head.

Essence 158 If I Were a Boy nail polish swatch
If I Were a Boy – A pale blue creme that is opaque in ONE coat! No top coat used. Finish is semi-gloss.

My thoughts: I only paid $2 for this nail polish and it is of higher quality than some really expensive stuff. 1 coat, no streaks, no bubbles, fast drying. I am so impressed with you, Essence!


All hail Queen Bey!


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  • Allison @neversaydiebeauty

    Let me know how long it lasts, Julie! The color is gorgeous. I love essence shades & the brush but they chip almost immediately on me. Their gel look topcoat helps give me another day or two. But at that price I can’t resist 😉

    • This one has last a day so far, no top coat. 1 chip only. And I type A LOT at work.

      • Allison @neversaydiebeauty

        Still love the shade! I’ll pick it up if it’s at Ulta next trip 🙂

  • 1 coat – wow?! I’m just getting into essence polishes but I’m really loving them so far 🙂


    • I have it on today with no top coat and only 1 chip. This stuff is amazing!

  • Very nice pastel colour! I haven’t seen this one here yet, but if I do, you can be sure I’ll snatch it up.

    • I haven’t seen this in the regular display stand, just the wall installation by me. Take notes over the next week of the polishes I’m posting (they are the ones I found NOT in the displays) and I can grab them for you!

  • Sounds really nice! Can’t go wrong for $2 and only one coat!

  • Oh Essence, I heart you!

  • Beyonce has been everywhere lately. I’m feeling compelled to blog about her now. #lemming

  • Beauty & the Blog

    Essence is one of my favourite drugstore cheapies. This shade looks a lot like Essie’s Bikini So Teeny

  • I love essence, I also love the little bottles, I find that if I don’t finish most nail polishes in one season, they’re unusable the next. The little bottle alleviates that problem.

    • I don’t usually stick to one colour very much anyway so I end up wasting BIG bottles. That’s why I tend to gravitate towards drugstore brands. Essence is so good!

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