FRAGRANCE FRIDAY: Demeter Fragrance Lavender perfume review

FRAGRANCE FRIDAY: Demeter Fragrance Lavender perfume review

If you’re looking to get a little bit zen this Friday afternoon, the scent of Lavender may help you get there. Known for its relaxing and soothing properties, both as an aromatic or topical solution, Lavender is grown mainly in Europe (in fact, I once took a train through a lavender field in France and the smell was like nothing else).

Demeter Fragrance Lavender perfume
The Demeter Lavender fragrance is spot-on lavender, like spraying natural essential oil all over your body, minus the whole greasy oil part. This wore well on me for about 5 hours. I mixed it with some sweet, sugary scents and it reminded me of LUSH’s Twilight bath bomb, a lavender sugar and tonka scent that I am addicted to.

Now this doesn’t have exactly the same effect as the straight essential oil because it isn’t as strong, but it does trick my mind into relaxing and chillin’ out for awhile. Maybe it’s psychosomatic, maybe it’s real. Who knows, who cares! Another perfume that doesn’t cause any headaches for me is a big win in my books (and Demeter is winning A LOT lately).

Demeter Fragrances are available at and at Loblaws and Superstores in Canada (and Outer Layer if you’re in Toronto).
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