Garnier Color Styler intense wash-out hair color in Blue Burst review

Garnier Color Styler intense wash-out hair color in Blue Burst review

I dyed my hair for over 10 years and very recently stopped. The hassle of weekly root touch-ups and hair dye on all my towels (and pillowcases) is not something I miss. But what I do miss is playing with crazy hair colours. I’ve had bright red, pink, purple, green, black cherrry. So when I picked up Garnier Color Styler in Blue Burst at Spark Sessions, I was excited to play with a little colour again.

Garnier Color Styler Blue Burst Temporary Hair Dye review
Garnier Color Styler kits come in 5 colours: Pink Pop, Bronze Attitude, Red Temptation, Purple Mania and Blue Burst. You get 1 bottle of wash-out colour and a pair of black rubber gloves, and of course there’s a set of instructions.

How it works:
1. Put on the gloves.
2. Shake the bottle like a polaroid picture.
3. Squeeze a few drops onto the tips of your gloved fingers.
4. Spread it between your fingers by rubbing them together.
5. Select a small section of hair and slide your gloved fingers over it. Reapply coluor and repeat for each section you want to colour.
6. Let the product dry thoroughly (or blow dry like I did), then brush hair to set product.

Garnier Color Styler Blue Burst Temporary Hair Dye
The product is really really bright and pigmented but also really thin making it a bit difficult to get it through your hair. I would prefer a thicker, creamier texture.

Garnier Color Styler Blue Burst Temporary Hair Dye review 2
The colour is CRAZY bright and I only had to use 1/3 of the bottle for the front part of my hair. It took awhile to even it out though, but I love the look of it.

(wearing MAC Kinky lipstick)

Garnier Color Styler Blue Burst Temporary Hair Dye Day 1
What you may notice is that the texture of my hair is a bit stiff. The product dried a bit like hairspray and became slightly matted by the end of the day. It didn’t end up all over my face or clothes though, which is good.

Garnier Color Styler Blue Burst Temporary Hair Dye Day 2
As stated on the box, the colour washes out in 2-3 shampoos. This is after 1 shampoo. The texture of my hair is still a bit dull and dry but I don’t mind this tye-dyed mermaid look.

THOUGHTS: I am on the fence! I love the colour and think this product out-performs most temp colours I have tried. But I do not like how it made my hair feel. I have worked really hard getting my hair back to healthy and this made it feel like I had run bleach through it a few times.

COMPARED TO SPLAT WASHABLES: Garnier colour is brighter and it doesn’t transfer or stain skin or pillows! It is also not as stiff as the Splat formula. But Splat doesn’t leave hair feeling dry and dull.

Garnier Color Styler is $6.96 CAD at!

  • i’m so impressed by the colour but the hair texture thing… mine would just become a curly disaster.

  • Nicolthe pickle

    I think it would be better done further back on your head and done in a French Braid or a streaked up do, and then the texture thing wouldn’t matter as much. Right! If I see this in store I’m going to try it.

    • Yea I did the lazy thing and just chunked it in the front. I may try a few streaks underneath the top layer! French braids, not really my thing. My hair is too thick!

      • Nicolthe pickle

        Oh no, I didn’t mean to be critical. I was just thinking of all those cute streaked braids on pinterest. Blue highlights are great all the time. 🙂

        • Oh no I appreciate the suggestions. I LOVE the colour but didn’t love the texture. Maybe using it in an updo or in a different way will work better.

          • Nicolthe pickle

            Well, if I try it I’ll show you. 🙂 You can streak your hair vicariously, and vise versa.

  • I actually like the look of the faded blue on you, but not cool that it lasts longer than promised and dries things out!

  • Interesting – this is REALLY bright! I think the texture would bug me though.

  • I tried this and it’s still in my hair (two weeks later). Maybe because my hair is bleached and very porous, it’s really hanging on! The blue is so fun and bright, I think you could rock that permanently 🙂 #KalynLordInspiration

  • thanks for the comparison! i have the pink and have yet to try it. sort of nervous about it so its coming to vancouver with em where i don’t have to wear pink hair to work.


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