GIVEAWAY & Review: MAC x Samantha Ravndahl lipstick

GIVEAWAY & Review: MAC x Samantha Ravndahl lipstick

It’s rare that us Canadians get something of our very own, and beauty guru Samantha Ravndahl (aka @ssssamanthaa) is one of ours! So of course when MAC released a Canada-only lipstick that Samantha helped create, I grabbed an extra to giveaway!

MAC Cosmetics Cremesheen lipstick Samantha Ravndahl macxsamantharavndahl

“Samantha Ravndahl, fearless, outspoken and unabashedly honest, has established herself as Canada’s supreme arbiter of cool, channeling a vibe that takes full force in her sheer nude Lipstick.”

MAC Cosmetics Cremesheen Samantha Ravndahl macxsamantharavndahl

MAC x Samantha Ravndahl is described as a light shell pink in a Cremesheen finish.

This shade scared me a bit at first because I am #paleAF and I thought it would be patchy or wash me out. But it’s really quite perfect and insanely hydrating.

MAC Cosmetics Cremesheen Samantha Ravndahl macxsamantharavndahl look

I feel like this could work on a variety of skintones and is quite possible the perfect light pink nude for me!

MAC Cosmetics Cremesheen Samantha Ravndahl macxsamantharavndahl ssssamanthaa

But let’s be real, you’re here for the giveaway. It’s open to anyone 18+ in any country! I know a lot of you have been dying to get your hands on this one, and now here is your chance.
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  • Yeah! I’ve been trying to get my hands on this too – I love Samantha! My fave beauty gurus…. there’s definitely a few that I watch on YT: Fleur de Force, Karissa, Allana (both Canadian!), Talk Becky Talk. Clearly I love watching UK + CDN’s do their thing 🙂

  • Jessica C

    I really wish mac wouldn’t have made the lipsticks exclusive to the country the person is from…so many I would’ve bought. Anyways my fave yt beauty gurus would probably be Sam(of course), Jamie Paige, Mariah Leonard, Hello_October, Karima, Gothamista, xsparkage, Leigh Dickson, and easyNeon

  • Heather ツ

    Emily Noel has been a long-time fave on YT.

  • sassy

    This shade looks really great on you :)) I watch & love many youtubers but my fav ones are: Melissa Alatorre & Lisa Eldridge

  • Rebecca Hill

    My faves to watch are Allana Davison, ShanShortcakeBeauty, emilynoel83, Kandee Johnson, Tarababyz, vintageortacky, and xsparkage.

  • Alexis

    Absolutely Samantha Ravndahl and GlamNGore for makeup inspiration, both day-to-day and costume/SFX.

  • Jennifer Lee

    I love that we have our own talent here in Canada and that they are just as amazing as anywhere else. I’d love to see an entire collection from Mac with Samantha running things. I think it would be epic!

  • Jennifer Ann Beth

    I don’t watch any beauty gurus on YouTube but I do follow quite a few bloggers. My favorites are Canadian because I like to check out products available here. Some of my faves are Swatch and Learn and Stash Matters!

  • Jennifer Ann Beth

    I don’t watch any beauty gurus on YouTube but I do follow quite a few bloggers. My favorites are Canadian because I like to check out products available here. Some of my faves are Swatch and Learn and Stash Matters!


  • Deidre Cadeau

    My favourite beauty guru is Jenna Marbles.. hahaha! Full face of rhinestones anyone?!

  • Kim Pincombe-Cole

    I like Kandee Johnson, Michelle Phan, Bethany Mota…

  • Grace YC

    I don’t have favourite gurus, I just like to visit random bloggers that tickle my fancy 😀

  • I love Samantha Ravndahl, Shannon Harris, and Karissa Pukas!

  • Anna

    I don’t have a beauty guru. I look different beauty bloggers and pick something interesting for me from each of them.

  • I’m here for the swatch and face shots! Because I totally thought this shade was going to look ghastly – and thankfully it does not! Very much an easy to wear shade.

  • Jolie

    I love Dave Lackie 🙂

  • Maranda Copeland

    Beautiful shade! Samantha and Kandee are a couple of my favorite gurus.

  • Tracie Cooper

    I love Rachel Zoe!

  • Irena Matković

    I like Elisa Goodkind.

  • Heather

    I like to watch Coffee break with Danni!! Thank you for this Giveaway! So Exciting and that color looks gorgeous on you!! I’ve been really wanting a Mac Lipstick for awhile now and this color looks like a hit! Good luck everyone!

  • Shauna

    I follow Dave Lackie, and love his tips and Canadian content!

  • Ashley Bree Perez

    You are my favorite guru for beauty!!(:

  • Amy R

    I’m with you. I typically can’t wear crazy nudes. But that’s pretty!

    I love Jaclyn Hill, Allana Davison and Karen from MBB.

  • T.

    My fave beauty gurus on YouTube right now are Samantha and Casey Holmes.

  • Tabitha


  • reneeclementine

    I actually love most girls from the CBB on youtube – I find them so much more real than the hyped “gurus”… but I do really like Ssssamantha as she seems genuine in her videos

  • sissy kat

    Tati, Kandee Johnson and xsparkage!

  • I am a big fan of Miss Makeup Magpie/Gemma Etc. She always has good impartial reviews and guides. 🙂

  • Colleen Nyborg

    I like Leighannesays & Lisa Eldridge.

  • Mary

    I love watching Sam from Pixiwoo and Wayne Goss…so excited for Samantha and her Mac collaboration!

  • Samantha

    So good to see you back and blogging, I missed that face! One of my faves is Emily Noel 🙂

  • pinksuzanne

    I like Samantha Jane, Tati and Samantha March.

  • I don’t have any

  • Bianca Rogoveanu

    I like Camila Coelho ! Thank you !

  • Liz Howard

    I like Samantha March

  • Nataly Carbonell

    EMAN (Makeup by Eman) is one of my favorites!

  • Birdiebee

    I really don’t have any favorite beauty gurus.

  • Judy

    I really don’t have a favorite guru. I try and follow as many Canadian bloggers as I can. They all have different advice/tips and knowledge which is great.

  • Andreea Cristi

    Carli Bybel

  • Lushka Smith

    Dave Lackie

  • O. Sunrise

    ~ Dave Lackie and Candy Coated Closets ~

  • Cadie lyn


  • Don’t really have a favourite guru at the moment, but remember watching Essiebutton and Bubzbeauty way back when!