GummiBand Hair Cords will replace all your hair elastics!

GummiBand Hair Cords will replace all your hair elastics!

If you’ve been tying your hair up with hair elastics, I have some good news for you. Hair Cords are here to save you from weird hair kinks, bumps or even headaches! I’ve tried a few different kinds of cords before, that worked just fine, but my new favourites are from Canadian brand GummiBands.

The following contains PR samples. Opinions are mine, obvs.

Gummibands hair elastic ponytail Invisibobble comparison

Like gummy candy, these Hair Cords come in a lot of colours: clear, black, brunette, blonde, light pink, dark pink, teal and purple. They are a bit thinner than other brands, like Invisi-bobble, but still hold hair tightly and securely.

Gummibands hair elastic ponytail bracelet

What I love most about these is they look pretty cool as bracelets too. Other brands are a bit bulkier, but these are kinda fun and funky!

Gummibands hair elastic ponytail teal

And if you find a shade that matches your hair, like I did with teal, you can barely even see the hair cord!

Gummibands hair elastic ponytail purple

So why are these so good? For several reasons. The cords, as you can see above, just hold your hair up without adding a bump or kink. And since these aren’t tugging on your hair, you won’t get headaches (like I used to). My hair is fairly thick and heavy, and I’ve never had an issue with these falling out either, and I wear these at the gym.

Gummibands hair elastic ponytail review

Plus, GummiBands come with  a 1 year full replacement warranty! You can grab a 4 pack of hair cords for $7.99 CAD. Very affordable (and cheaper than the competition).