I went to the LUSH Factory in Toronto and learned how to make stuff!

I went to the LUSH Factory in Toronto and learned how to make stuff!

Last month, I spent the day at the LUSH factory in Toronto and it was like the mothership calling me home! I knew it was a great company, but I learned so much and met so many great people during my short visit that I am even more of a LUSH fan girl than I was.

I warn you this will be photo heavy with a few videos in between to give you a peek behind the scenes. So come along for the ride… there’s so much cool stuff to see!

LUSH Factory Toronto 4

Did you know that the products made in the LUSH Toronto factory travel all across Canada and the U.S.? So a soap bought at a store in NYC or a gift set ordered online to Quebec was made in this factory! And the labelling… oh man I don’t know how they do it. Because of language laws, they need to make English/French, French/English and English only labels for every damn product.

LUSH Factory Toronto 1

I already knew LUSH was all about recycling and not being wasteful. This was evident everywhere I went, from staff squeezing out every last drop of product to the very organized waste practices throughout the factory. (Sidenote: notice the Denzel Washing Team? hahaha)

LUSH Factory Toronto Garrick

I always assumed the people on the stickers at LUSH were real”ish”. Like maybe there was a guy named Garrick and they picked a stock illustration for him.

LUSH Factory Toronto Garrick 2

But I met Garrick and he looks just like that. You get your stick after working a certain amount of time and learning all the things you need to learn, then you graduate and get your sticker!


Now onto all the departments we visited, first up… BUBBLES!

LUSH Factory Toronto 3

The Bubbles department is where bath bombs, bubblerons, bubble bars and FUN gets made.

Bubble Bar Creamy Candy

There were racks upon racks of deliciously scented Bubble Bars waiting to dry. Above is Creamy Candy.

Bubble Bar LUSH amandopondo

We also stumbled on this rack of Amandopondo, a Bubble Bar I’ve never seen before!

LUSH Lava Lamp Bath Bomb 2

SNEAK PEEK: Lava Lamp Bath Bombs are coming! That’s right, this Oxford Street exclusive is currently in production and will make its way to your local LUSH soon.

LUSH Lava Lamp Bath Bomb 1

This bath bomb is described as “a triple whammy of Sicilian mandarin, tangerine and orange flower” and it has bath oil melts embedded inside!

They make it look easy, right? Steph from Fun Size Beauty tried her hand at this and… it’s not that easy. (Check her LUSH Factory vlog here)

LUSH Cosmetics Comforter Bubble Bar 1

We also watched them make The Comforter Bubble Bar. It’s a pretty intense workout because the ingredients have to be warmed up and rolled together.

Look at that teamwork!

LUSH Cosmetics Avobath bath bomb 2

We even got to make our very own Avobath Bath Bombs! Yep, REAL fresh avocados are used. In fact, LUSH uses over 300kg of avocados every year to make Avobath.

LUSH Cosmetics Avobath bath bomb 1

A few simple ingredients… mix, mix, mix. Then press ’em and done!

LUSH Cosmetics Avobath bath bomb 3

Here’s Steph and her finished bath bomb. We even got to take a few home!

LUSH Cosmetics Yuzu and Cocoa Bubbleron 1

The LUSH Factory seriously feels like a kitchen. In fact, most of their equipment is made for large-scale food production!

LUSH Cosmetics Yuzu and Cocoa Bubbleron 3

This is Maram squishing a fresh batch of Yuzu & Cocoa Bubblerons.

LUSH Cosmetics Yuzu and Cocoa Bubbleron 4

We made a batch of these little Bubblerons, top and bottoms.

LUSH Cosmetics Yuzu and Cocoa Bubbleron 5

Then you let the pieces dry and add the “filling” in the middle.

LUSH Cosmetics Yuzu and Cocoa Bubbleron 6

Not too bad for a bunch of beginners!

LUSH Pink Flamingo Bubble Bar 1

Ever wonder how they get the orange shimmer inside the Flamingo Bubble Bars?

LUSH Pink Flamingo Bubble Bar 2

Press the mixture in the mold, make a well…

LUSH Pink Flamingo Bubble Bar 3

Then pass it down the line for someone to fill with powder. Press another layer of the pink mixture on top and set to dry.

LUSH Factory Tour Toronto fresh 1

Now let’s talk ingredients and freshness. We walked through several walk-in fridges with fruit, vegetables, juices, herbs and more. This is the maple syrup they use and apparently it took awhile to source one they like. In fact, LUSH is very picky about ingredients and will only use sustainable and, when they can, local.

LUSH Cosmetics Fresh Face Mask Brazened Honey 1

Now, it’s time for cooking class… sort of! We’re making LUSH Brazened Honey masks!

LUSH Cosmetics Fresh Face Mask Brazened Honey 2

If you’ve ever wondered why masks can only be bought in stores, have to be left in the fridge and have a quick expiry date, it’s because THEY ARE FRESH AND HANDMADE! Like legit, fresh.

LUSH Cosmetics Fresh Face Mask Brazened Honey 3
This is Jeff, the fresh (mask) maker. He chopped all the ingredients by hand, made a paste, added clay and mixed it up!

LUSH Cosmetics Fresh Face Mask Brazened Honey 5

Then we each got our own mask, made with love. Thanks Jeff!

LUSH Cosmetics Movis soap 1

When we walked into the department where they make soap, it smelled like fresh bread. That’s because, MOVIS! What I learned was they get the bread delivered fresh to them from a local bakery down the street. It’s so impressive how local they mean when they say “local”.

Soap LUSH new bar soap summer 2016 2

EXCITEMENT! We got to preview a bunch of new soaps, most of which just landed in LUSH stores!

Soap LUSH new bar soap summer 2016 1

There’s Maypole (a sweet peppermint), Outback Mate (a swirly eucalytus), Serendity (lavender, lavender and more lavender!).

Soap LUSH Layer Cake

Layer Cake is probably my favourite because rainbows but also it smells like a fruit salad.

Soap LUSH Respect Your Elders soap

Respect Your Elders is full of real blackcurrants. It smells tart and sweet.

Soap LUSH Serendity

The lavender they use for Serendipity is real, fresh and really fragrant. This is made by creating a tube of soap, then rolling it around in lavender pods!

LUSH Factory Tour Toronto fresh 2

So what did I learn at the LUSH Factory? Lots…

We all hear “LUSH Fresh Handmade Cosmetics” and think yea, I guess it’s fresh. But seeing the different fridges, fresh deliveries, crates of fruits and veg and experiencing the staff making bath bombs and masks by hand, I know they stand by their promise of “freshness”. I mentioned to Aaron the lengths they go to when sourcing ingredients, and we both agreed that there is probably a cheaper/faster way to do things, but even after all these years, LUSH still is fresh.

Shampoo Bars

Just like the fresh promise, LUSH Fresh Handmade really is handmade.

Even when there are machines involved, things are still mixed, pressed and created by humans.

LUSH Rainbow Fun 2

Not only are LUSH products fun (like literally Fun Bubble Bars), but the people are too. Everyone seemed happy to work there and there was lots of music, jokes and a Channing Tatum cut-out.

LUSH Rainbow Fun 1

The company really is all about the people, providing opportunities and a happy work environment.

LUSH Superdad Bath Bomb

And here’s another sneak preview for you… SUPERDAD Bath Bomb, a Father’s Day limited edition that smells like Sandalwood and Frankincense. I love how adorable and creative LUSH designs are.

Overall, the LUSH tour has been a highlight in my blogging career. I have been a huge Lushie for many years, and being surrounded by like-minded people who wait patiently every year for Snow Fairy to make a comeback… it made me feel warm and fuzzy.

See more behind-the-scenes action from our LUSH Factory Tour in Steph’s vlog.



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  • This looks like so much fun! I’m so damn jealous right now. Not going to lie I kinda feel as though I could work in a Lush Factory as my career and be completely content with my life.

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    Thanks for sharing the BTS of Lush b!

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