Illamasqua look of the day. And it was on sale!

Illamasqua look of the day. And it was on sale!

When I heard one of my fave brands, Illamasqua from the UK, was slowly leaving North America… I immediately ran to the store to buy all the things! Luckily, The Bay (like Canada’s Nordstorm) is having a 25% off sale to clear out inventory!

Now I have accumulated quite a collection of Illamasqua, so I may do two of these posts as mere guides for what I think should end up in your shopping cart.

Illamasqua Skin Base Foundation Shade 4.5
SKIN BASE Foundation in Shade 4.5 – I belong to a lot of makeup artist forums and groups, and the Illamasqua Skin Base always comes up as something they use in their kit. Why? It doesn’t oxidize and is highly blendable. Available in 26 shades, this has primer built-in and photographs beautifully. Was $42 CAD, now $31.50 CAD.

Illamasqua Powder Blusher duo in Lover Hussy
POWDER BLUSHER DUO in Lover/Hussy – Another often hyped product is the blush formula from Illamasqua. This is highly pigmented, soft and silky and stays put all day (similar to the NARS formula only a bit softer I think). Lover is a light peachy colour (shown in the look below) and Hussy is a bright vibrant warm pink. Was $48 CAD, now $36 CAD.

Illamasqua Fundamental Eyshadow palette
FUNDAMENTAL EYE PALETTE – What I like most about this palette is that it gives you a few different formulas to try out if you’re new to Illamasqua. Hype (yellow) and Inception (purple) are both powder shadows while Surge (silver) is a liquid metal formula and Bedaub (mint) is a cream pigment. Was $45 CAD, now $33.75. 

Illamasqua Fundamental Palette Inception Bedaub eyeshadow 1
Bedaub cream pigment used on lid only. Inception powder shadow on outer corner and into crease.

Illamasqua Fundamental Palette Inception Bedaub eyeshadow 2
I love how the purple changes colour over the mint green. Goes to show that green really does cancel out redness!
(Illamasqua Motto brow cake also used for this look, not pictured in main photo. I am on the fence with this one, it’s a bit powdery but the colour is wicked!)

Illamasqua Intense Lipgloss in Boost
INTENSE LIP GLOSS in Boost – I bought this on a whim after swatching it on my hand in store. It shifts from almost clear to pink to purple and even a bit blue depending on the light. The formula has vitamin E in it making it super hydrating. This is non-sticky and very rich. Was $22 CAD, now $16.50 CAD.

Illamasqua Intense Lipgloss in Boost 2
I know it looks patchy, but in different lights it is a stunner!

Illamasqua Skin Base 4.5 Fundamental Palette Boost Lipgloss Hussy blush swatch
Skin Base shade 4.5, Bedaub and Inception from the Fundamental Palette, Boost lipgloss, Lover blush

FOTD Illamasqua 1
I wasn’t sure how this was going to turn out with a mint green and purple eye, peach blush and pinky blue violet lips but… I’m pretty damn happy with it!

Illamasqua is currently available at The Bay in Canada, but only for a limited time and AT 25% OFF!

HAVE YOU TRIED ILLAMASQUA BEFORE? What are your go-to products?


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    I didn’t realize Illamasqua was leaving NA and I didn’t realize they were having a sale either. Holy shit. I am so running over to the Bay on my lunchhour and buying up all the things. ALL THE THINGS.

    Thank you SO much for this post. If you hadn’t said anything, I would’ve had no idea.

    This is pretty discouraging though. The Bay sold Illamasqua at a far cheaper price than Sephora did/does.

    • GIRL GO GET IT ALL! Sephora stopped selling Illamasqua (or is stopping) right? The eyeshadows and blush are 100% the best.

      • After I read your post, the first thing I did was check Sephora online – and you’re dead right, they’re completely gone there too. I had no idea.

        Got a few pieces from Illamasqua today, and considering buying more. The woman at the counter said they had full intention to be completely packed up by the end of August. :O

  • what a gorgeous eye look! i love what you did with those shadows. i kinda want all the blushes…

  • Tanya Lovetere

    love the violet lips!

  • Nice picks! The Lover/Hussy duo might be my favourite blush combo ever and I recently bought the Fundamentalism palette as well! I picked up a few more goodies over the weekend during the sale, and might snag a few more 😉 Love the look you created!

  • Amy

    Ughhh don’t tell me there is a sale…I need the skin base because they apparently have a shade light enough for me..crap now I have to drive to Toronto to find a Bay that has it. Damn you!! 😛

    • They have a WHITE one! Like pure white. They also gave me a small tube of this warm brown pigment cream I can mix in for contour shade. It’s all available online but you really have to try the shades on. I thought I would be a 1/1.5 but I am a 4.5.

  • I didn’t know Illamasqua is leaving! Sad day!

  • Beautiful eye look!!! Like gorgeous watercolors. I own Skin Base foundation and Boost lip gloss and both are totes mcgoats fantastic. I’m surprised Illamasqua is leaving us! I love the artistry of their campaigns so much.

  • Loving everything! I’ve only tried one polish from Illamasqua, but I’ve been curious about their blushes. Sad they’re getting discontinued in Canada! 🙁

  • I can’t believe Illamasqua is not going to be sold here anymore! I wonder why? I must pick up some bits before it’s too late 🙁

  • I am seriously dying over that eyeshadow palette. I am usually a neutral girl but oh man, those look amazing. I’ve never tried anything from Illamasqua, but I did once fall in love with one of their blushes – and it wasn’t in stock… If I were to get anything, I think I’d get that eyeshadow palette. So pretty.

  • Thank you for sharing the sale – I am now making a list, and checking it twice before heading to the mall tomorrow!

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  • I love your eye look. It’s so soft and pretty, and yet still very colourful.

  • Absolutely love that eye look!! Really too bad they are discontinuing it here!

  • woah you did a great look with those colors. woudln’t have gone for that palette initially. i picked up SO many blushes!!…i’m thinking of going back to the counter later maybe…


    A Beautiful Zen

  • Kitty Kerosene

    Woah, crap. I better stock up on Precision Ink liner *now*! Thanks for the heads-up.