Indie Polish Great Canadian Burlesque collection

Indie Polish Great Canadian Burlesque collection

Here are 9 beautiful and creative new polishes from my fave nail polish company, Indie Polish! This collection is dedicated to the Great Canadian Burlesque ladies (and 1 dude). You may remember my introductory review to Indie Polish back in November. I am STILL addicted!

Aviva the Mirage 2
Aviva the Mirage – a cool blue jelly cream with silver foil shards.

Aviva the Mirage
Two coats with some toothpick-fishing for the foil pieces. It’s like a broken mirror!

Burgundy Brixx 1
Burgundy Brixx – burgundy pearl shimmer with gold flecks. Looks like something very sci-fi outer spacey!

Burgundy Brixx
2 coats and it applies beautifully. Not gritty at all!

Dolly Berlin 1
Dolly Berlin – a beautiful baby pink creme.

Dolly Berlin nail polish
2 coats but you only really need 1. It’s a milky baby pink. Lovely!

Judith Stein 1
Judith Stein – medium opalescent pink shimmer with gold glitter chunks.

Judith Stein
There’s a lot of dimension to this one. It shifts color and the gold is out of this world!

Miss Mitzy Cream 1
Miss Mitzy Cream – bubblegum scented (OMG, right??) light pink sheer with adorable black bows.

Miss Mitzy Cream
A beautiful sheer polish that smells sweet and delicious. The bows were a bit hard to fish out (but I have zero patience). Be careful when you place them on your nail, the black rubs off a bit.

Mysterion 2
Mysterion – the only one dedicated to a dude! A glitter topper with medium hex glitter, small silver glitter and beautiful silver color-shifting stars. (Clearly I love this one a lot because I wore it a few different ways!)

Mysterion solo polish
Mysterion… naked. (teehee). This glitter topper is not grainy and you won’t need a sealing top coat on top either.

Mysterion solo
Showing the star shifting from silver to blue in different light.

Mysterion over First Love
Mysterion over First Love (from the Valentine’s Day collection)

Mysterion over Rat Rod 1
Mysterion over Rat Rod Paint Job (scroll down to see this one)

Rat Rod Paint Job 2
Rat Rod Paint Job – a matte charcoal black polish that looks a bit like a chalkboard.

Rat Rod Paint Job
A subtle satin matte that I like better than most store bought ones. It’s almost a matte jelly.

Rock a Billy 1
Rockabilly – a matte glitter topper that is like a party in a bottle! Big white hex, medium black hex, medium orange and red squares, medium white hex, small white hex, black bar and lots of little tiny whites and blacks and reds. So much stuff!

Dolly Berlin Rock a Billy nail polish
1 coat dabbed on over Dolly Berlin.

Dolly Berlin Rockabilly
This dries down so beautifully. Not gritty, glitter doesn’t sink so it’s easy to apply.

Tanya Cheex 2
Tanya Cheex – blazing red pink matte jelly with foil mirror shards.

Tanya Cheex
This one requires a teeny bit of patience to get it right. The shards need to be fished out but the finish on this is spectacular!

Again, my girl Tanya from Indie Polish has done it again. I love all these amazing polishes and can’t wait to see what she does next.

All of these are for sale at the Indie Polish Etsy store. Check out her latest collection for Valentine’s Day while you’re there too!

These polishes were sent to me for review, but the opinion is my own. 

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  • Kalyn Lord

    Judith Stein is just GORGEOUS!!

  • Tanya At MeandtheBoy

    thank you so much Julie!!!!!!!

  • Megan Joy

    Miss Mitzy Cream is so cute! I love the little bows. How did you manage to get that one so perfectly placed? lol

    • 3 tries using a toothpick. Worth it!!! This one smells like bubblegum too. So good!

  • these look soooo gelly! love them! also, huzzah fo having a ‘canadian’ collection.

    A Beautiful Zen

    • I know! I always support small businesses, especially when they are Canadian! Tanya (Indie Polish) is thinking of starting a Canadian nail polish maker box too with exclusive polishes! I AM ALL OVER IT!

  • These are so awesome! I especially love Aviva the Mirage… very, very pretty.

    • My fave is probably Rat Rob Paint Job or maybe Burgundy Brixx, if I HAD to choose I mean.

  • These are nice. I really like Judith Stein. I have a couple of her polishes. Pish Posh is my favourite so far.

    • I love how everyone has tried 1 or 2 of Tanya’s polishes. I am hooked (I don’t even have a nail polish obsession… or maybe I do… )

  • Brittnee KAO

    I just can’t find the patience to pick out the big glitters. But I LOVE Judith Stein!

  • Kitty Kerosene

    I picked up Burgandy Brixx from Tanya at the vendor tables at Girlesque 2014 a few weeks and it’s now in my Top Ten faves. It’s the *perfect* redhead’s polish and the best copper-y lacquer I’ve ever tried. So elegant — got tons of compliments when wearing it.

    I do wish the whole collection was available for purchase as a mini set. I think these are full-size only in the etsy shop. Still, it’s great product at a great price, so I’ll happily pop for a couple more from this collection! (20% flash sale happening until midnight Thursday, too. Three hours to stock up — maybe try something new!)

    • I LOVE Burgundy Brixx polish so much! My other faves include Rockabilly, Rat Rod Paint Job and Judith Stein (from this collection). Have you seen the Vday polishes?