Indie Polish Sparkle Motion Glitter Topper nail polish

Indie Polish Sparkle Motion Glitter Topper nail polish

When Indie Polish had a contest to name their latest nail polish, of course I had to enter. And what could be better than entering a name with a Donnie Darko reference? Well guess, what.. my name won!


Indie Polish Sparkle Motion nail polish
Check out how gorgeous and wonderfully odd this is. It is a clear base with large and small translucent hex glitters that are like little rainbow reflections. It reminds me somewhat of heat xrays? Does that make sense?

Indie Polish Sparkle Motion nail polish swatch
One coat over L‘oreal Gel Lacque in Miss Luster-ess

Indie Polish Sparkle Motion glitter topper nail polish swatch
I love how much these colors shift and shine, a lot like fish scales! It’s a lot like some flakies I have seen only in shapes. I really like this one!

Sparkle Motion is limited edition and available from the Indie Polish Etsy store for $9.
You should also follow Indie Polish on Facebook for new releases etc etc.

Sometimes I doubt your commitment to Sparkle Motion…

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  • Brittnee KAO

    You named a nail polish!!!!!!!!!!!! Dude that is like one of my life aspirations. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!

  • Congrats lol
    I always wanted to watch that movie but it looks kinda scary… >.<

    • It’s not so much scary as it is a mind F**k. I love it. And Jake Gyllenhaal is super emo hot in it.

  • Oh my gosh so much love. I was obsessed with this movie in high school. I even got my whole class to watch it on a school trip… I owned like 3 different copies (Special edition, DVD, VHS)… and yeah. Fangirl moment <3 Pretty polish! Great name!

    • I am going to watch it tomorrow night I think. Whilst singing Mad World…

  • Oh wow, that’s so exciting! I’ve always wanted to have the power to name a polish!


  • This is so cool! The color actually reminds me My Little Ponies, the old version, not the Brony one lol

  • OOooooh, I dig it. This is a great topper, very appropriate for spring! It kinda reminds me of that cello-ish Easter grass…but in a cool, wear-on-your-nails way.

  • Megan Joy

    Oh girl I am in-to-this. Love the different sized glitter!

    • It’s so beautiful and unique. I am in love with all of Tanya’s polishes!

  • Congrats on naming the polish! It really is a beautiful glitter topper.

  • I totally missed that it was you that won. Congrats!

  • Ouhhh, such pretty shapes! It’s a lovely glittery topcoat.

  • Kitty Kerosene

    Congrats on winning the name contest — it’s the perfect name for this polish! Just snagged a few others from Tanya’s flash sale this weekend, but didn’t pick this one up. Totally kicking myself — this is beautiful!

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