Julep It Girl Maven Box for May review

Julep It Girl Maven Box for May review

Alright, let’s just get right into it. This month’s Julep Maven box contained the much talked about, coveted, questioned… Plié Wand. You may remember a few months ago when Julep held a crowd-funding campaign for this new innovative tool ($140,000 raised from 6,200 fans). Sadly I didn’t jump on the campaign in time but luckily all worked out and we received the tool this month!

But first, the polishes!

Julep Kam nail polish It Girl maven
Kam – Vintage spearmint crème. $11.20 Maven price

Julep Kam nail polish It Girl maven swatch
Shown here 2 coats, no top coat. This one applied evenly and was almost opaque in two coats. I absolutely love this shade, it’s mint green but it’s a bit more demure.

Julep Jules nail polish It Girl maven
Jules – Warm powder pink crème. $11.20 Maven price

Julep Jules nail polish It Girl maven swatch
I had high hopes for this one, as I always do with light pastels. But again, it was a bit of a let down. It took 3 coats to near opacity and it was quite streaky. Not as bad as some that never reach full opacity or pool at the sides though. Overall a great match for the Kam polish.


It all starts with the cap.

Julep Plie Wand lid
The Plié Wand is a 2 part system: the cap and the wand.
The cap itself can be popped on to any regular Julep polish. Just pull the cap off and you can pop this on top.

Julep Plie Wand lid 2
The top of the cap has a strong magnetic ring and an indent where the wand fits in.

Julep nail polish Plie Wand
Here is the full system all attached, sitting cozy in my hand (kinda like a chopstick!)

Julep nail polish Plie Wand 2
The really cool thing is that you can adjust the angle of the wand so you can get the right balance and apply nail polish with precision.

MY THOUGHTS on the Plié Wand system: I actually really enjoyed using it! For my dominant (right) hand it was a little cumbersome since I’m pretty good at applying polish to my lefty. But wow, what a change it made when using my non-dominant (left) hand. I felt almost ambidextrous and had very little cleanup after, which is rare.

The Plié Wand system is $20 USD for Mavens ($25 for regular folk) and there are also some cool add-ons like a dotting tool and striping brush that connect to the wand (I have mine on order!).

You can learn more about the system from Julep’s own Jane Park!

Want to join us Julep Mavens? Use code SWATCHMAVEN to get your first box FREE!


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  • Sounds really good, but it can’t be used with just any polish right? If they somehow made it universal then I might get one. I only use so many Julep polishes, so…

    • The wand only works with Julep, which I guess makes sense for them since they want you to only buy Julep! lol

  • Megan Joy

    May had some really great colours. I was happy with mine (boho glam) but I really like your colours too!

    • I like my polishes but I don’t LOVE them. The wand though, so cool!

  • I’ve only tried Kam and I found it quite goopy and sticky – but I may just have had a funny one. I love both shades on you.

    • Really? It was pretty normal consistency with me. But I did notice it gooping up after a few uses.

  • They had a group funded campaign to make a new product?? Seems a little odd to me lol but the wand does look great for non-dominant hands!

    • I think it cost a lot of money to get the patent etc, plus the people who funded it got the wand anyway and some extras.

  • Tanya Lovetere

    I love that green color!

  • Beauty & the Blog

    Did you find the bristles on the plie wand a bit stiff? I got my box a while ago and it’s still sitting on my desk (woops)

    • The first step in the little insert was to wipe the brush off with some nail polish remover. That removed most of the residue.

      • Beauty & the Blog

        Okay good! I honestly unpacked my box and then haven’t given it a second look yet so that’s good to know! I was worried it was going to be like painting my nails with a paintbrush from the dollar store haha

  • I somehow wasn’t thinking and added an add on with the tools but opted out of getting the plié wand. It just doesn’t really interest me, I have no problems doing my nails without one of these things so I thought why bother? I might end up with it eventually though I’m sure. PS I’m wearing Kam today!

    • I thought it would be my new go-to manicure tool but it’s just a pain and I rarely wear Julep (I am more into OPI and Sally)