Juliette Has a Gun Discovery Kit fragrance review

Juliette Has a Gun Discovery Kit fragrance review

The first time I discovered Juliette Has a Gun fragrance was in a Sephora in Times Square. The packaging was different, the scent blends were intoxicating… but I couldn’t decide which one I loved. Fast forward a few months, I see the Juliette Has a Gun Discovery Set (on the Sephora US site) and I grabbed it immediately. $15 to try out all these intoxicating scents? Sold!

Juliette has a Gun Discovery Set fragrance review 4

In this kit, you get eight scents at 0.06 oz each. Just enough to be able to wear every day for about a week.

Juliette has a Gun Discovery Set fragrance review 6

The packaging copy describes these scents as “weapons of seduction” which I think is hilarious. So of course, I tried them out and then had Aaron do a sniff test.

Juliette has a Gun Discovery Set fragrance review 7

Not A Perfume is fresh , clean, and minimalist. Comprised of only one subtle note, it is the perfect anti-perfume.
Me: Smells like high-end skincare and fresh… dry cleaning?
Him: Yea that smells kinda like markers. But who doesn’t love sniffing markers!

Anyway goes right back to basics with a blend just 15 ingredients for a scent of musks, woods, and citrus notes.
Me: Fresh laundry, a hot shower and a martini.
Him: Soap, but a nice soap.

Gentlewoman is an eau de cologne composed around the traditional notes of neroli and bergamot, but twisted with almond essence to bring a deliciously addictive feminine edge.
Me: Fresh blossoms, almost like honeysuckle with a slight nuttiness as it wears.
Him: Also soap, but old lady soap.

Miss Charming is a fragrance that embodies a young, natural, and charmingly innocent woman. The sweetness of rose and ripe fruit plays over a bewitching base of musk.
Me: Sticky sweet roses and Reminds me of LUSH’S Rose Jam.
Him: Is that lavender? I’m not a fan of floral scents.

Romantina is a musky composition upon which is laid a delicate bouquet of white flowers.
Me: On the verge of being spicy. This one is definitely a white floral but the musk cuts through it all.
Him: This one, it’s lavender? Smells like old ladies.

At this point I realize Aaron doesn’t know what any flowers smell like and anything floral he equates with old people… I give up. 

Mad Madame is an audacious and scandalous green chypre fragrance that revolves around metallic notes of rose oxyde, blackcurrant bud absolute, and woody, modern ambroxan.
Me: A bit sharp and almost bitter. I can sense the currant heart notes and they are cutting through the rose nicely. I like it!
Aaron: This reminds me of my Aunt. I don’t hate it. 

In Lady Vengeance, the achingly elegant but thorny Bulgarian rose marries dark patchouli and succulent vanilla to draw a fine line of elegance, contemporary and inevitable.
Me: Soapy, rosy and powdery. This one wears down to a nice scent after an hour but the top notes are way too heady.
Him: Fake roses like a scratch and sniff sticker.

The woody, sensual fragrance of Midnight Oud captures the danger and seduction of the midnight hour.
Me: This reminds me of antique stores and incense. It’s rich and slightly sweet.
Him: Bug repellent? It has quite a musk to it.

Juliette has a Gun Discovery Set fragrance review 3

So after all that trial and error, we never really agreed on a favourite. As far as these being “weapons of seduction”, I think Aaron is more attracted to spicy or sweet scents over floral. My favourite was Midnight Oud, it reminded me a bit of Elizabeth & James Nirvana Black but with a heavier Sandalwood. Aaron actually liked Not a Perfume because of its simplicity and “not floral” ness.

Oddly enough, I didn’t get any migraines with these scents, which is rare for me. I also just discovered Another Oud, a woody and fruity blend. Looks like I’ll have to test that one out too!

The Juliette Has a Gun Discovery Set is available at Sephora.com now.


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  • Aaron’s descriptions are too funny! I shouldn’t laugh too much though cause I’m quite similar in my scent descriptions, lol!

  • Marcey Pittman Low

    Nice to see a review of this. I have Not a Perfume from a US Birchbox a few years back and have been interested in exploring the rest of the line but it’s only available on Sephora’s Us site.

  • I’ve been curious about this brand, if only for the name! I love the idea of a trial kit- super helpful. Aaron’s descriptions are hilarious- I’m sure Adam would have similarly sarcastic commentary 😉

  • bwawahgaha yea david hates scents so …. these would be his responses too.

  • sassy

    I bought sample set(2-3 years ago) directly from ther site (I’m in Europe) for 10-12€ and loved every scent (Not a perfume is my fav).When I bought a full size they gave me discount which is equal in price for the sample set 🙂

  • I love the name of the brand, all the names of all the fragrances, and above all, I love that you got Aaron involved. He’s hilarious! Can we get more Aaron comments on the blog, please?