LAVANILA Starlight Deo Trio: Vanilla Snowberry, Pure Vanilla and Vanilla Amber Healthy Deodorant

LAVANILA Starlight Deo Trio: Vanilla Snowberry, Pure Vanilla and Vanilla Amber Healthy Deodorant

Last year, I switched to natural deodorant. And after trying quite a few brands, I’m sticking with LAVANILA Healthy Deodorant (as well as Lovefresh, a Canadian company). Like perfume, I often switch up my deo scent, so when I spotted the LAVANILA Starlight Deo Trio I immediately thought, “yes, I DO need 3 more deodorant sticks.”

What makes LAVANILA Deodorant so good? It’s made with all-natural ingredients without the use of parabens, sulfates or phthlates. It’s also alumninum-free and free of propylene glycol and silicone. Plus the scents are natural, fresh and don’t cause migraines (as tested on ME!)
Lavanila Starlight Deo Trio
This limited edition holiday collection comes with 3 different LAVANILA deodorant scents. And not only is this a great way to try some new scents (two of which are LE), but it’s also a great deal. 1 x 1.7 oz stick retails for $17 CAD ($10/oz). This kit is $40 CAD for 3 x 2 oz sticks! ($6.67/oz) Whether you keep all three for yourself or split up as gifts, this is a steal!

Lavanila Vanilla Snowberry Amber Natural Deodorant review Starlight Deo Trio
The LE winter packaging has a script font, unlike the typical LAVANILA serif used on the permanent line. It also has little stars on the packaging.

Vanilla Snowberry (limited edition, also available in a travel size) is a frosty blend of bright snowberry, iced raspberry, woodland rose, and Madagascar vanilla. Mood: playful and fun!
Pure Vanilla features a seductive blend of pure Madagascar vanilla, sheer freesia, and creamy tonka bean. Mood: sweet, innocent.
Vanilla Amber (limited edition, exclusive to this set) is a cashmere-soft whisper of fresh bergamot, powdery winter florals, and rich amber Madagascar vanilla. Mood: sexy, sultry, irresistable.

So if you love LAVANILA fragrance or deodorant, or if you have always wanted to try a natural deodorant, grab the Starlight Deo Trio before it’s gone!

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  • Aw man, I wish I had held off on buying the 2 I just bought so I could get this set instead!

    Olive & Ivy

    • I was worried these would dry out before I got a chance to use them all, but after splitting the pack with Mom, I’m good!

  • Omg vanilla anything sounds right up my alley. The dangerous thing here is what if your pits smell so good that you actually WANT to smell them lolol

  • Oh interesting, I didn’t know they did anything special for the holidays. I just picked up another of the Sunkissed Trios when I was in the US in September (so funny that the brand isn’t discontinued… bahaha Stupid Sephora rep. 😐 ) so I don’t think I need these right away… but am intrigued by these scents!

    • Yea totally NOT discontinued. Dummies. These scents are really nice, I actually got the set just to try the Vanilla Amber and I love it.

  • I’m still using up last year’s Christmas set, I just can’t make this work for me 🙁 I pretty much can only wear it when I’m not leaving the apartment and going to shower that evening… I guess I’m just sweaty! I’d really love a natural option but I don’t want to be smelly either 🙁

    • I wear these during the day and then layer on anti-perspirant before the gym and I find it keeps me unsmelly. These don’t work all the time for me in summer though.

      • haha the worst thing is these scents sound so appealing i saw your post and pondered if i needed them…

  • This set really appeals to me, but lately I’ve been having a very hard time with natural deos, I.E. it’s just not enough. I can’t wait to switch back when the weather cools down! I love the original LaVanila Pure Vanilla deodorant. It smells so fresh!

  • I think LAVANILA is the best natural deodorant I’ve ever tried as well, but I can really only use it in the winter. I love the look of this set, I think I’m going to have to grab it.