Les Industries Groom Beard Wash, Oil and Wax review

Les Industries Groom Beard Wash, Oil and Wax review

I am a huge fan of a well-groomed beard, but sadly can’t grow my own. So when some beard care products from Les Industries Groom showed up at my office, I reached out to a guy I know who is always stylish and has a great beard.


Meet Alec Singleton, a product manager, UX genius and husband to my work wife. I’ll be handing the blog over to him for this review… so let’s get beardy!

Les Industries Groom Beard Care product review

There’s only one question that matters when you’ve finally accepted that yes, you do have to wash your beard: is this product actually an improvement over plain old cheap ass shampoo and conditioner? If the answer is no, it’s not worth the expense, effort, or change-room justifications to try it.

Both the Groom Beard Wash and Oil smell like peppermint, which is important for things that sit directly under your nose.

The wash has a soothing peppermint feeling, it lathered up surprisingly well, felt good in my beard, and left my skin feeling refreshed and my beard feeling soft. This was surprisingly pleasant, and a definite improvement over my sandpaper experience with regular drug store shampoo (even the fancy kind).

The oil, again, smells good, and is easy to work in. It kept my beard feeling soft, but not greasy. And that’s an important point. It’s impossible to resist thoughtfully stroking a nice beard, and other beard oils I’ve tried have left me getting oily residue all over everything I own because of that. I don’t want to give up thoughtful pondering, but I also don’t want beard oil all over all my stuff. The prospect of an oily-stuff-free future is highly appealing to me.

I just didn’t understand the balm though. It reminded me of hair wax, but my beard isn’t something I want to style, or explain to others why I tried to style it.

Les Industries Groom Beard Care product review

So to answer my earlier question, in the case of Groom’s beard wash and oil, the answer is definitely yes this is an improvement over basic shampoo and conditioner.

I’m switching to Groom’s beard oil and wash, but the guys with twirly moustaches can have the balm.

Thanks for the review, Alec!


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