Lime Crime liquid eyeliner review

Lime Crime liquid eyeliner review

This month’s Lime Crime obsession doesn’t stop at lipsticks! I am also totally obsessed with their liquid eyeliners. And after this review, you will be too!

Blue Milk, Lazuli, Orchidaceous  Blue Milk, Lazuli, Orchidaceous
Top to bottom: Blue Milk, Lazuli and Orchidaceous.
First I’ll comment on the liners as a whole, then the colors.

Formula: Really opaque, semi-matte. These swatches are 2 swipes of the brush and are extremely pigmented and bold.
Application: I hate when a liner comes with a sketchy brush. This brush is AMAZING. Very thin and sturdy. No rogue hairs.
Packaging: The packaging is very cute. The tube is also very sturdy and quite small.
Wear time: Forever? I wore these out in the sun for a day. I had sunscreen in my eye, I teared up. These did not budge. AND they were not a pain to take off either.

Blue Milk: described as pale sky-blue. If you’re into the mod look or the latest white eyeliner trend, this is a fun and unique spin on it.
Lazuli: described as electric blue. And it really is electric. If you aren’t daring enough to wear bright orange or yellow, this can be your bold eyeliner. GORGEOUS!
Orchidaceous: described as bright violet-purple. It’s a very pretty and striking warm purple. I haven’t played around with this one as much yet.

Lazuli and Blue Milk Lazuli with Blue Milk
As you can see, you don’t have to go overboard to wear these. But I suggest you play around with the colors and have some fun! The day I wore this look, I got a TON of compliments.
It’s just too bad you can only buy these online from Lime Crime. Or if you are in Canada, try Harlow & Co (they stock the nail polish too!).

Final verdict? I’ve already placed an order for Citreuse and am waiting for Lunar Sea to come back in stock. So YES, I love these.

Lime Crime eye look

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