Lorac Pro to Go Eye and Cheek palette review

Lorac Pro to Go Eye and Cheek palette review

For the glam girl on the go, it’s the Lorac Pro to Go Eye and Cheek palette!  Created by makeup artist Carol Shaw, this all-in-one complete look fits in the palm of your hand and has everything you need for touch-ups or going from day to a smoky night look.

Lorac PRO To Go Eye/Cheek Palette Contains:

  • 6 Eye Shadows (shimmer and matte)
  • 2 Blushes (shimmer and matte)
  • 1 Bronzer
  • 2 Eye Shadow Brushes

Lorac Pro to Go palette open
First let’s talk packaging. Everything is housed in a small, sturdy “book” format with a mirror on one side.

Lorac Pro to Go Palette open 2
The brushes are tucked away within the center, one on either side held with an elastic loop.

Lorac Pro to Go brushes
The brushes are about the width of my hand, but don’t let the size fool you…

Lorac Pro to Go palette brushes
These gorgeous brushes are soft yet dense. I was amazed at how good they were considering I usually use MAC or Hakuhodo. I used them to create the looks you see below (except the cheeks).

Lorac Pro to Go eyeshadows
The top row of eyeshadows are more shimmer/glitter.
The bottom row is all matte (with a hint of shimmer).

Lorac Pro to Go palette eyeshadow swatches 2
L-R: Shell, Cafe, Black, Pearl, Chai, Mink.

Lorac Pro to Go palette eyeshadow swatches
L-R: Shell, Cafe, Black, Pearl, Chai, Mink.

Lorac Pro to Go palette Shell Cafe Black eyeshadow
The mattes: Cafe on the lid and in the crease, Shell under the browbone and in the inner corner, Black as liner.

Lorac Pro to Go Shell Cafe Black eyeshadow
Can we talk about how amazing the Black shadow is? I have very crepe-y skin on my lids and the shadow went on like a dream.

Lorac Pro to Go Shell Cafe Black eyeshadows
I even got a nice wing using the brush in the kit!

Lorac Pro to Go palette Pearl Chai Mink eyeshadow
The shimmers: I used Chai on my lid into the crease, Mink in the crease and outer V as well as a bit on the lashline, and Pearl on the browbone.

Lorac Pro to Go Pearl Chai Mink eyeshadow
This blended seamlessly and was buttery and highly pigmented.

Lorac Pro to Go palette blushes cheek
Now for the cheeks! Coral is a beautiful warm pinky gold shimmer and Pink is a nice bright matte. The Bronze is matte and isn’t too dark or orange so you can use it for contour.

Lorac Pro to Go coral blush
Check out the beautiful shimmer on the Coral blush! It reminds me a bit of Nars Orgasm.

Lorac Pro to Go palette blush swatches
L-R: Coral, Pink, Bronze.

Lorac Pink blush
The matte pink blush. It’s subtle yet buildable. Very pigmented and buttery but not too harsh.

Lorac Pro to Go palette Pink Blush
I also used the Bronze under my cheekbones a bit (barely noticeable here).

Lorac Coral blush
The Coral is a nice warm pink with a lot of golden shimmer. There’s a little bit of the Bronze under my cheekbones here too.

Lorac Pro to Go palette Coral blush
You can see the slight Bronze under my cheeks. Very subtle…

On the eyeshadows: These are very soft and very pigmented. Because of the neutral colours, I think this would be perfect for a lot of skin tones. The only shadow I don’t love is Mink because of the slight glitter fallout. The Black shadow is the superstar!

On the blushes: The blushes aren’t anything different or extraordinary but they are really nice! They remind me of NARS quality and the wear time is 6-7 hours.

Overall: Finally a palette that has brushes I can use!!! This will be coming with me on my travels this year for sure. I wish the packaging was a little more secure (it’s cardboard-ish). I think it’s a good deal though and if you’ve never tried Lorac, like I hadn’t, this is a great intro to their products.

The Lorac Pro to Go Eye/Cheek palette is available at Lorac.com for $38 USD.

Note from Julie: Now… can we talk about this crazy bright ring light? I don’t know how people use these. As a pale-eyed lady, my eyes could not handle it at all. I’m going to stick to my softbox lights!

  • Tanya Lovetere

    This really is a lovely little all in one palette. The price is very reasonable given the quality of the products.I would recommend this to someone who wants to try higher end makeup but wants it all in one package. Those colors are very natural and pretty.Thanks for sharing! xoxo

  • Kalyn Lord

    What a great palette — I should have snapped it up! I LOVE your liner here…getting a good wing can be so hard, it’s a testament to your technique, your tools, and the product!

    • I missed all your blog comments. Don’t ever leave me again, Bette! 🙂

  • This is gorgeous. Your eyes are so alluring hehehe 😉

  • Megan Joy

    Your winged liner looks amazing! I love compacts like this that have a ton packed into one little case 🙂

    • I know and I can NEVER do a winged linger because of my crepey old lady lids!

  • Brittnee KAO

    What a cute little palette! LOVE that the brushes are inside it!

  • El-The Beauty Isle

    This is a great well rounded palette. I’ve been tempted by it so many times at Ulta. Great review!

    • I got it on sale at Sephora (I think it was around $30 CAD) which was well worth it in my opinion. It’s a great all-in-one, you just need to bring a blush brush along.

  • Liliana Ayala

    I almost picked this up when Sephora had it on sale, but figured I didn’t need it since I have the Pro palette…now I’m regretting it. The blushes are so pretty, they look great on you!

  • That’s such a fantastic deal for $38 and perfect for travelling! Does it come with a brush for the blushes as well, or are you expected to bring one for that?

    • That’s all you need to bring, which is ok by me since i am insanely picky about my blush brushes!

  • Chelsea LeBlanc

    These eyeshadows are gorgeous! & it rocks that the brushes in the palette aren’t crappy. The wing it created looks really good!

  • Shalunya TheChronicBeauty

    This seems like the perfect palette for travel. It has great options and the blushes and bronzer are awesome. It’s great that you can actually use the brushes in this nice little kit. Thanks for sharing!

  • This looks like a great kit! Definitely my comfort zone in term of eye colours. 🙂

  • This kit looks really nice! I’ve been eyeing the regular Pro palette for a long time now, wish it was still available in Canada!


  • these are my perfect colors! i love orangy bronzes

  • Very nice palette. I love the usable brushes.

  • this looks great and i love that you can use the brushes. i got some pretty good ones in a MUFE palette once too 🙂