LUSH 12 Days of Christmas for Holiday 2015!

LUSH 12 Days of Christmas for Holiday 2015!

The LUSH 12 Days of Christmas ($99.95 CAD) is probably one of the most exciting holiday releases for me. Why? Because you can NEVER have too many LUSH bath products. This just released online about a week ago and is already popping up at LUSH stores, but I predict it will sell out in the next week (get on it!!!).

Now since this isn’t an advent calendar, I don’t feel so bad revealing what is inside…
LUSH Cosmetics Yog Nog Bath Bomb
YOG NOG Bath Bomb
Toffee, clove.
LUSH Cosmetics Lord of Misrule Bath Bomb
Patchouli, black pepper.
(review here)
LUSH Cosmetics Cinders bath bombCINDERS Bath Bomb
Smells like a fireplace.
LUSH Cosmetics Golden Wonder bath bomb

Sweet orange, lime, cognac. There’s also a surprise inside!
LUSH Cosmetics Dashing Santa bath bomb
Satsuma, mandarin, bergamot, orange flower.
LUSH Cosmetics Butterbear Bath BombBUTTERBEAR Bath Bomb
Vanilla, cocoa butter.
LUSH Cosmetics Snow Angel Bath MeltSNOW CAKE Bath Melt
Benzoin, rose, cocoa butter, sweet acacia.

LUSH 5 Golden Rings
5 GOLD RINGS Bubble Bars
Vanilla-scented and gold shimmer.
(not sold separately yet)
LUSH Cosmetics Holly Golightly Bubble Bar
Clove, cinnamon, patchouli.LUSH Cosmetics Snowcake soapSNOWCAKE Bar Soap
Almond, rose, benzoin.
(review here)
LUSH Beautiful Shower Gel
Peach, apricot, myrrh with golden shimmer.


LUSH Cosmetics Love and Light Hand CreamLOVE AND LIGHT Hand Cream
Cocoa butter, orange blossom and neroli.

LUSH Cosmetics 12 Days of Christmas holiday 2015
Although I have over half of what’s inside this set, I am definitely grabbing it to split up as gifts (one for me, one for them… one for me, one for them).

Want to see what else LUSH has cooked up this holiday season? Check my holiday collection preview!

  • the mother load of lush christmas (actually not really… i think there’s a $300 gift that must literally have everything in it) but all the same, 12 full sized things! i thought this would have been advent calendar style. well at least for the last 12 days leading up to xmas but i guess not? like when you open the box, everything is already shown and present eh?

  • that butterbear bath bomb is adorable!! I need to get to lush and see if they have any.. the kids would love it.

  • Ahh that looks amazing. Love the Snow Cake Bath Melt