LUSH Angels on Bare Skin cleanser, Eau Roma Water toner and Celestial moisturizer review

LUSH Angels on Bare Skin cleanser, Eau Roma Water toner and Celestial moisturizer review

One of my favourite earth-conscious and ethically-run companies is Lush Cosmetics. So for Earth Day, I wanted to share a few of their products that I use on my face every day!

First, let’s chat about what makes Lush so special to me. I remember a really REALLY long time ago (we’re talking 80s/90s) walking by my first Lush store. The smell of the Lush products drew me in and their passion kept me coming back. I remember at the time there was a huge fight to ban animal testing, and Lush was a very large part of that. Mad respect point #1. And it begins…

Then I learned that Lush spends a lot of their efforts making sure the ingredients they use are ethically sourced and sustainable. Now I am by no means an eco-activist, but it gives me the warm fuzzies to know that what I’m using is supporting jobs in developing countries AND it isn’t F’ing up the planet. Mad respect point #2.

And now for their earth-friendly initiatives. Lush tries very hard to use as little packaging as they can. When they do use packaging it’s made from recycled materials and is recyclable when you’re done with it. Plus they don’t just encourage recycling, they reward it! Return those little black pots and get a free face mask in return! Mad respect point #3.

And that’s not even the end of it. Click any of the links above to see all the wonderful things they are doing for our people, our planet and our animals!

But I digress… on to the good stuff!

Lush Angels on Bare Skin 2
LUSH Angels on Bare Skin cleanser – Made with ground almonds and kaolin clay with a touch of lavender, rose and chamomile, this cleanser gently exfoliates my skin while soothing any redness or irritation. After my skin feels fresh and clean but not dry, just balanced.

Lush Angels on Bare Skin 2
You just add a small amount of water and rub together to form a paste, then rub all over your face! Easy-peasy. And the smell is divine!
Fun fact: Angels on Bare Skin was one of my first LUSH purchases when I was in school (I think high school?). I have been using it on and off for years!

Lush Angels on Bare Skin 2

Lush Eau Roma toner
LUSH Eau Roma Water toner – Now that your face is clean, spritz on some of this lavender and rose water blend to moisturize, soothe and balance your skin. Another winner for me because the smell is amazing and my skin really needs all the natural pampering it can get.

Lush Eau Roma toner 2

Lush Celestial moisturizer
LUSH Celestial Moisturizer – The final step is a gentle moisturizer made for sensitive skin. This has fair trade cocoa butter, delicious vanilla water (it smells like fresh vanilla extract), almond milk and orchid extract. Frickin’ ORCHIDS!!! This keeps my skin hydrated all day and doesn’t ball up under foundation at all. It’s PERFECT.


AND IN CONCLUSION… LUSH is awesome. I really don’t have much else to say other than that. I’d love to know what your fave LUSH products are. And how you’re celebrating Earth Day! Let’s chat in the comments below, friends!

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Products provided to me for review.

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  • hmmm i need a new toner…might have to look into more of LUSH’s choices!

  • I’ve never tried Lush, but you CBB ladies are going to get me there I think with all your ravings. I love the little pictures of the “made by” people. Such a cute touch.

  • I love Lush! I’m using Eau Roma now and love it 🙂


  • Cassandra Turcotte

    Lush’s toners got me through the summer of 2012! The humidity was so bad and the temperature was so high James and I slept on the floor to keep cool. Air conditioning should be mandatory.

  • Tanya Lovetere

    I LOVE that Lush fights against animal testing. I love MAC but when I found about that they aren’t part of that fight…it made me love them a little less. I currently an using one of the Lush masks and really would love to try another. I didn’t know that I can return the empty tub and get a free product. Thats so cool! Is it only one product or you have to collect more than one like at MAC?

    • I believe it’s 5 tubs for 1 mask. I LOVE their masks I just always go right before they get a fresh shipment in!
      As for MAC’s animal testing policy… yep it’s pretty sad. They were founded in Toronto and had such high ethics. But when EL bought them out, they were absorbed into the corporate world. Luckily, EL doesn’t outright test on animals but DOES sell to countries that test cosmetics on animals before putting them on shelves 🙁

      • Tanya Lovetere

        Ohh well that makes me feel a little better…but I hate animal testing. I honestly think that all companies should be requires totpay people to test the products out. That way if they have a reaction, they are getting paid to do it and signed a contract etc. Poor animals should not have to endure that and be locked up in labs all day. If I could be a vegetarian I would but I love meat too much.

  • You ladies all keep posting about Lush and I want to try their products SO MUCH, but I never seem to make it to the mall. One of these days I will!

  • Chelsea LeBlanc

    I love the little stickers on the packaging, so unique! I still haven’t gone to any LUSH stores, but I’m always so scared & intimidated by it! I hear nothing but good things about them, so hopefully I’ll work up the courage to go in soon. Great reviews Julie!

  • I’ve only ever tried one thing by LUSH because there isn’t a store here. I suppose I could order online but I’d rather explore in a store first since there’s so much, you know? Maybe some day!

  • I’ve only tried a few LUSH products, but this sounds great! I’m a big fan of the Lemony Flutter Cuticle Butter

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