LUSH Hand of Friendship Soap helps welcome Syrians to our country! #RefugeesWelcome

LUSH Hand of Friendship Soap helps welcome Syrians to our country! #RefugeesWelcome

What would you do if you had to leave your home and your country behind? If it became too dangerous to stay? If you couldn’t stand the sound of violence outside your door? I can’t imagine what that’s like… and I’d like to welcome (with open arms) any refugee seeking asylum from that sort of conflict.

And I’m not alone. The beautiful people at LUSH want to share a message of love and support to our new neighbours, and as always, LUSH is putting their money where they mouth is. The Hand of Friendship is only $5.95, and any money made goes directly to those who are resettling in our country.

LUSH Hand of Friendship Soap RefugeesWelcome

100% of the purchase price of each limited edition Hand Of Friendship Soap will contribute to the Friendship Fund. The fund will be used to support the most urgent needs of refugees resettling in North America, as determined by experts in education, advocacy and direct services.

LUSH Hand of Friendship Soap RefugeesWelcome

This soap has a heart-warming design and a cherry blossom scent. It’s made with coconut and almond essential oils, and also contains sicilian lemon, cedarwood and rosewood!

LUSH Hand of Friendship Soap RefugeesWelcome
Whether you’re coming from Syria or any other country, I hope you find peace and happiness in your new home! The LUSH Hand of Friendship soap is a small thing you can do to help your fellow humans. So head to your local LUSH store or grab one online today.


*Press sample (but I also bought 3 more today…)

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  • Such a cute design! I can’t wait to drop by Lush to pick this up 😀

  • point_1

    this is lovely, thanks for sharing, I totally want to go get this soap now!

  • What an awesome cause, the scent sounds great too!

  • Sarah Biggs

    I love lush for so many reasons, and this is one of them! Such a good cause!

  • Awww that’s REALLY sweet! I love that Lush did this!

  • reneeclementine

    I love this!!!

  • Amalia

    The problem is huge NOW! They need support now in frond of the close borders of Austria, FYROM, Serbia and Croatia. immigrants are already trapped in Greece. The situation in Idomeni, northern Greece is chaotic. Big hugs from Greece.