MAC Cosmetics Bao Bao Wan Lavender Jade, Burmese Kiss lipstick review

MAC Cosmetics Bao Bao Wan Lavender Jade, Burmese Kiss lipstick review

With so many MAC collections coming out right now, it’s hard to decide what to get. My rule is lipstick first, everything else if you can afford it. I may have skipped the Cinderella release (and man, was that tough), but I could not resist these pretty lipsticks from the MAC Bao Bao Wan collection: Lavender Jade and Burmese Kiss.

MAC Cosmetics Bao Bao Wan lipstick
First, let’s talk about this spectacular packaging. MAC went all out on this one, custom evern down to the box. The tube is a duochrome like finish that has sort of a frosted glass feel to it. The metal parts are copper and not the regular silver. Even the box has a different look.

MAC Cosmetics Bao Bao Wan
Using flash, you can really see the black, silver, grey duochrome.

MAC Cosmetics lipstick 2
The insignia at the bottom is the typical MAC logo with a Bao Bao Wan script font above, in a gold shade. I don’t love the script font but that’s a personal preference.


MAC Cosmetics Bao Bao Wan Lavender Jade lipstick
LAVENDER JADE is described as a dirty mauve with gold pearl in a matte finish. I could not find any gold pearl in there, but this wouldn’t be the first time MAC has made a mistake in their listing.

MAC Cosmetics Bao Bao Wan Lavender Jade lipstick swatch comparison dupe Dodgy Girl
The formula is very creamy and pigmented, leaving a nice satin matte finish. This is very close to Dodgy Girl from the Osbournes collection, only Lavender Jade is cooler and a bit brighter/lighter.


MAC Cosmetics Bao Bao Wan Lavender Jade lipstick lips
This went on smooth and very evenly. Because it’s quite light it took some evening out to fully covermy lips.

MAC Cosmetics Bao Bao Wan Lavender Jade lipstick look
Not sure how I feel about the shade on my skintone, it may be a bit too light. But it’s purple so… I’ll allow it.

MAC Cosmetics Bao Bao Wan Burmese Kiss lipstick
BURMESE KISS is described as a bright coral pink in a matte finish, and that it is!


MAC Cosmetics Bao Bao Wan Burmese Kiss lipstick comparison dupe swatch
I’ve heard the shade is close to Toxic Tale (most recently released in the Red, Red, Red collection) but since I don’t own it, I found the closest shade I had which was a Revlon Matte Balm crayon. And even then it’s not nearly close.


MAC Cosmetics Bao Bao Wan Burmese Kiss lipstick lips
I love everything about this one, the tone, the finish, the pigmentation.

MAC Cosmetics Bao Bao Wan Burmese Kiss lipstick look
And it looks pretty awesome with my complexion and a neutral makeup. Will this be the one and only MAC lipstick I get a back-up for? Entirely possible!

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The MAC Bao Bao Wan collection is available online and at select stores. I was sad to discover this is NOT at MAC Counters within The Bay in Canada.



  • Snagged Burmese Kiss! It’s lighter than I thought it would be, actually. I’ve not worn it on yet since I have yet to take pictures of the product! I think it’s gorgeous on you and I hope it looks half as good on me!

    • This is going to be your signature shade!

      • I also totally didn’t notice the duochrome on my own packaging (it was dark… or something), but damnnnnnn. MAC is murdering me on packaging lately! I WANT IT ALL.

  • Wow, I love both. And I adore the packaging, too! Usually with MAC collections I like either the shades or the packaging, but not both.

  • i don’t get backups but that looks so good on you i would understand why! the duochrome tubes are gorgeous too. i see you ended up with the MAC Navy x9 Shadow Palette too! my review is up tomorrow 🙂

    • Yes, it just came in! Looks like a lot of people got the navy. I was playing with the burgundy and the amber in store and OMG I want.

      • AHH. I really want those. Buy and swatch so I can order online? Why do I live 2 hours from MAC 🙁

  • Madalina Bm

    Beautiful shades! ♥ My favorite is Burmese Kiss. You look spectacular with this lipstick.

  • Gosh, Burmese Kiss- totally my kind of shade! The purple is definitely harder to pull off, but still beautiful and pigmented. Such a fun collection 🙂

  • Trysh Chipman

    That packaging on those lipsticks is insane. I’m in love.

  • Oh Burmese Kiss looks amazing. It looks really great with your skin tone too. I’m not usually one to pick up LE MAC stuff, but I might need to look into this one!

  • Rica Bargo Francia

    I love this collection from MAC! Hands down and can’t wait for LJ as Dodgy Girl is my all time favorite lipstick… ^_^

  • I loved this collection! I picked up Lavender Jade and Romantic Breakdown. LOL at “it’s a purple so I’ll allow it”! 😀 It’s a bit light and screamy on me as well, so I like to tamp it down a bit by layering it over a clear balm. It looks ethereal. LOVE Lavender Jade!!