MAC Cosmetics Beautiful Iris eyeshadow review

MAC Cosmetics Beautiful Iris eyeshadow review

Have you ever de-potted an eyeshadow, forgot to label it and then spent hours figuring out the shade name? Yep, that’s what happened to me with MAC Cosmetics Beautiful Iris eyeshadow. I went through swatches upon swatches online of Idol Eyes, Satellite Dreams, Parfait Amour… until I narrowed it down. This is the problem in being a MAC addict, I have owned all of these shades at one point.

MAC Cosmetics Beautiful Iris eyeshadow close

BEAUTIFUL IRIS is described as a lavender with a veluxe pearl finish.

MAC Cosmetics Beautiful Iris eyeshadow swatch
Swatched dry, you can really see it come to life over black! It has a shifty, holo quality to it.

MAC Cosmetics Beautiful Iris eyeshadow Veluxe Pearl
Shown here applied lightly to the lid into the crease. Also wearing Purple Haze in the crease.

MAC Cosmetics Beautiful Iris eyeshadow Veluxe Pearl look
In this light, you can kind of see the shifty sheen where it goes from a lavender to a more iridescent pinky purple.

MAC Cosmetics Beautiful Iris eyeshadow
This shade has been with me a long time, I believe it was a going away gift when I left my last agency! It is a perfect accent shade, works really well on top of dark matte shades and I have even used these as an ethereal cheek highlight! Sadly, as I was shooting for this post, I dropped this beauty and it cracked and crumbled all over the floor. Goodbye my friend, I’ll be Back 2 MAC-ing for you soon.

SIDE NOTE: I AM IN NYC RIGHT NOW! Today is the day I make my custom lipstick at the Bite Beauty Lip Lab.

Also wearing:
Marcelle Dip Pen liner in purple
Marcelle lipstick in Cleopatra

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  • That is the coolest swatch EVER! So cool seeing it over your tattoo!

  • i love how over black means over your tattoo, really cool. also WHAT A SAD ENDING. I am glad it will be back in your life soon, you must have loved it, look at all that pan!

  • I’m glad you finally figured out what it was! That would drive me bananas! Although it stinks that you dropped it afterwards! 😐 I love purple on you in any format: eyes, lips, cheeks! I hope you’re having a blast creating your own custom Bite color! Can’t wait to read more about the experience and see what you create! 😀

  • I really liked seeing it over the black, it gives a completely unexpected look! Wowza, was a sad and dramatic ending…at least you know the colour though!

    Can’t wait to see the custom bite lip colour!