MAC Cosmetics Brave lipstick review

MAC Cosmetics Brave lipstick review

Hi. I’m Derek Zoolander, president and model and founder and dean and CEO of the Derek Zoolander University of Modelling for Men. Oh wait, no, that’s not me. Hi, I’m Kalyn, from the least creatively named beauty blog in the world,

Some of you may remember me from the Guest Post “Eight Essential Brushes on a Budget“, and some of us have yet to get to know one another…but while Julie is off galavanting Down Under, I’m here for a little blog takeover for today’s MAC Monday.

Since the Canadian Beauty Bloggers network launched this past spring, I have grown and developed as a blogger, and that is thanks, in part, to Julie herself. She has been a great resource, a great collaborator, an inspiration, a sounding board, and someone I have been able to ‘winestorm’ with over any number of topics. In a niche ‘industry’ filled with less-than-ideal girl-on-girl behaviour, having a good friend in beauty is a real blessing and it is my honour to be hanging out with this fine broad on the internets every week.

MAC Brave Satin Lipstick 2 MAC Brave Satin Lipstick

Most appropriately, it is through Julie’s influence that I have started to explore the world of MAC makeup. See, unlike Julie, I come from rather pathetic drugstore roots. Although a lot of people would never think it possible, my first cosmetic leanings were profoundly pedestrian…not to mention basic and extremely budget.

Through this magical world of beauty blogging, I have stretched my boundaries and embraced my love of colour — and that’s why you’ll find me wandering around with bright green lips or acid yellow eyeliner. As a blog buddy, Julie not only encourages this sort of creative behaviour…she absolutely enables it.

She walked me through two MAC releases (That would be both Lorde and the Osbournes), and when my near-obsession with Kylie Jenner’s lips reached a head, she graciously gifted me with this beautiful MAC Brave Satin Lipstick. This lipstick clicks on so many levels, but at its most basic…Brave is just really, really good looking.

MAC Brave Satin Lipstick 3 MAC Brave Satin Lipstick 6

Brave is described as a “Pink-Beige with White Pearl” Satin lipstick — to me, it feels very reminiscent of a ‘classic’ lipstick formula…slightly matte but creamy enough to glide over the lip without effort. There is a very subtle stiffness only when applied, but it isn’t dry or uncomfortable; it just manages to adhere a little more traditionally than many of the new hybrid lipstick-balm formulas that have been hitting the market.

Thanks to the subtle pearl reflect in the formula, it manages to look soft and natural, but wears for an impressively long time on my otherwise Teflon-like lips. I was able to get through my morning coffee and a modest lunch without needing to reapply. I had no issues with bleeding or feathering, and found Brave to be an excellent office-friendly, on-the-go lip choice for easy, quick reapplication.

Beyond the formula, the colour of Brave is absolutely on point. It is more pink and cool-toned than my to-date favourite MAC lipstick, Twig, with a softer look overall — and a very flattering cast on my pale, peachy skin tone. It pairs beautifully with both bright and smoky eye looks, and looks totally natural and fresh (but defined) on an otherwise naked face, too.

I also find that I can dull the satin finish a bit with a soft dusting of translucent powder, for those days when I really want to go for a matte look, and has just enough translucency that it can pick up a hint of undertone from an anchoring lip liner, making Brave a very versatile lip choice.

MAC Brave Satin Lipstick 5

I may not have Kylie Jenner’s pout down pat (or Zoolander’s Blue Steel, for that matter), but at least I can rock a similar lip shade thanks to Julie and to MAC Brave.

Note from Julie: Today we leave Melbourne and are off to Cairns for a few days of hiking, ziplining and beach time. Then… we’ll be under the sea!

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