MAC Cosmetics Face and Body Foundation in N1 review and comparison

MAC Cosmetics Face and Body Foundation in N1 review and comparison

This summer, I have a secret weapon: a foundation that feels light and stays put. It’s the cult classic MAC Cosmetics Face and Body Foundation! The shade I use is N1 (a neutral pale shade, one of the two palest shades… not including the “white” one).

A fluid foundation that provides low-to-medium buildable coverage and a flawless, natural satin-shine finish. Skin conditioning, water-resistant and long-wearing.

MAC Cosmetics Face and Body N1 foundation vs NW15 swatch compare
I am regularly very close to the NW15 shade (shown above on the right). MAC Face and Body N1 is a bit darker than that but it’s sheer and won’t oxidize so it ends up being about the same and way closer to my Summer colour.

You can see from the above swatches, that this is truly a water-based sheer foundation and very thin. You can apply a small amount for sheer coverage, or double up as I do for a more translucent look.

Now this can be a bit tricky since the formula does come out of the giant container like water and can be a bit hard to control. What I do is pour some on my fingers, pat on my face in sections and then quickly blend with a foundation brush or sponge (weapon of choice: Ecotools Skin Perfecting Brush). This product sets fairly quickly and evenly. Because of its viscosity, I rarely see brush strokes on my face.

For application to your body, it’s a bit less of an issue because you can just wipe on with your hand and then buff out. I love applying to my chest to even out any tanlines or cover imperfections. And it doesn’t transfer onto my clothes!

MAC Cosmetics Face and Body N1 foundation before after
My naked face vs. two layers of Face & Body foundation.
It dries down to a semi-matte finish and evens out my complexion perfectly.

This is truly longwearing, which is why make-up artists worldwide swear by this stuff (and why it comes in a BULK format). I just wore this all day at the World Pride parade and it lasted through 4 hours of sweat and water gun fights.

Another reason why this stuff is the best? Because of the water-based formula, this is perfect for both oily and dry skin!

MAC Cosmetics Face and Body Foundation is available in two sizes (50ml and 120ml) but it is way more economical to by the large size, especially if you plan on using this on your body (which I do in the summer… perfect legs anyone?)

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  • This looks intriguing…

    Do you know how it performs mixed — does it dry too quickly, or is there time to blend shades together? It seems like getting a coloured shade and the white might be a great recipe for the perfect colour match!

    • Mixing F&B with other products works great, just don’t mix on your hand, mix in one of those paint well trays. I have never used the white to mix it but I have used N1 and mixed with another water-based product. It sets once it is thinned out and on your skin.

  • Chelsea LeBlanc

    I’ve always wondered about the face and body foundation. It’s a cult classic! I never thought about using it to cover up awful tan lines, that seemed so obvious too lol. Might have to try this out soon!

  • Whoa! I almost thought that they were two different shades (one NC and the other NW) – that’s a pretty huge difference!

    The Face and Body is the one foundation I have not tried from MAC but I am a bit skeptical about the wear and fading (from humidity and sweat). My staple has been the EL Double Wear foundation but this one looks intriguing though!

    • This one is good to cover large areas. It’s not really the same shade range as the other ones (this is N1, C1, N2, C2 etc).

  • I need this! I have developed “back-ne” for the first time in my life since moving to SF. I never know what to use to cover it up and concealer just looks weird.

  • Glad you’re loving this! I’ve heard such mixed reviews about this- some oilier skinned gals say that this becomes a greasy mess, but your review sounds promising! May have to try a sample 🙂

  • F&B is a fave of mine, as well! Works great for my oily skin and stays put no matter the weather or my stress levels. I totally get why it’s a makeup artists’ staple!

    • It works really well for my combo skin too, not as good for the winter when my skin is crying out in anger though, but always good to even out skin for events etc.

  • This is stuff is my power juice right here! I’ve been using this for events, photos and anything that just needs my skin to “show up to the party’ if you know what I meant. Recently, I’ve been setting it with the MUFE Mist and Fix spray, extra awesome powers together.
    I currently own the C1 but it could be a tad yellow in certain lighting and now looking at your swatch, I think I might be able to switch over to N1 when I’m done this bottle.

    • I just got a small bottle of the MUFE Mist and Fix and have yet to try it out. How does it differ from MAC Fix+ (I am a MAC girl through and through so it’s hard to switch!). The Face & Body I used on my legs yesterday to hide some self tanner streaks and it stayed ALL day, even through a bike ride!