MAC Cosmetics Lip Scrubtious scrub in Candied Nectar

Mmmkay you’ve probably read in a few posts lately that my lips have been #chappedAF! So thankfully, MAC Cosmetics has released a new line of lip scrubs called Scrubtious. (I totally would have called it Scrublicious but that’s just me).

MAC Cosmetics Lip Scrubtious Scrub Candied Nectar

There are five different scents/flavours in this permanent line, and I chose Candied Nectar. The box itself is gorgeous with raised MAC logo lettering, definitely a nice departure from the standard flat black boxes.

MAC Cosmetics Lip Scrubtious Scrub Candied Nectar

The packaging is a small tub, a bit taller than Paint Pot but about the same diameter. This is made of glass with an opaque outer coating and a rubberized, airtight lid.

MAC Cosmetics Lip Scrubtious Scrub Candied Nectar

Now let’s talk ingredients, since I have yet to see a full listing anywhere (not even on the MAC site that I could see). Ok here goes: Sucrose, Petrolatum, Jojoba seed oil, Shea butter, Water, Grape seed oil, Baobab seed oil, Rice bran extract, Rosemary leaf extract, Sunflower extract… and now some stuff I can’t pronounce. Tocopherol, Ethylene/Propylene, Styrene copolymer. Flavor.

MAC Cosmetics Lip Scrubtious Scrub Candied Nectar

This has a gritty sugar texture, a lot more coarse than most scrubs. The sugars don’t disintegrate on contact either which gives you a good abrasive scrub.

MAC Cosmetics Lip Scrubtious Scrub Candied Nectar

The scent is very syrup-y and reminds me a bit of apricot or peach nectar. This tastes very sweet, almost like honey, and isn’t too artificial. And my lips after? They feel so smooth!

MAC Cosmetics Lip Scrubtious Scrub Candied Nectar

MAC’s Lip Scrubtious is pretty damn good and only $19 CAD/$16 USD available at MAC, Nordstrom or The Bay (Canada). Get it!




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  • The texture looks dreamy! I’m partial to Lush’s lip scrubs, but I’m way excited to check these out in store. I can never have too many products like this in wintertime 🙂

  • SusanG

    Do you tissue this stuff off your lips — or lick it? 😉 Is any colour left behind?

  • Yaaaas. I need something super gritty – add it to mah cart!

  • I totally thought it was called Scrublicious… I like the Bite Agave one that I’m using but I need more grit – once it’s done and my no buy is over I am picking these up! I really liked the ELF one in stick form because I didn’t have to rinse my lips off after, can you do that with this or do you have to wash it off?

  • Thanks for posting the ingredients. I’m allergic to orange oil and wanted to know if that was in there.

  • This looks lovely! I adore lip scrubs and this looks like a great texture. I also think the smell sounds so nice!

  • Looks amazing!