MAC Cosmetics Punk Couture collection Studded Kiss and Instigator lipstick review

MAC Cosmetics Punk Couture collection Studded Kiss and Instigator lipstick review

Edgy and bold, MAC’s latest collection called Punk Couture is made  just for us badass Bs. I didn’t grab much this time around, just 2 of the matte lipsticks: Instigator and Studded Kiss. The other lipsticks in the collection are Punk Couture (a cool dark purple) and Hautecore (a matte black).

MAC Studded Kiss lipstick
Studded Kiss: a super creamy, highly-pigmented oxblood red matte lipstick. (My skin is at about NW20 in this pic)

MAC Punk Couture Instigator Studded Kiss Lipstick
L-R: Studded Kiss (2 swipes), MAC Fixed on Drama (retro matte), Melt 6Six6 matte lipstick (see my review here)
MAC Studded Kiss matte lipstick
Not too dry, easy to apply. Super gorgeous!

MAC Instigator lipstick
Instigator: Another stunner. Warm, deep and dark eggplant in a creamy matte finish that won’t quit.
MAC Instigator lipstick swatch
L-R: Instigator (2 swipes) vs. MAC Cyber
MAC Instigator matte lipstick
Only 2 swipes and this beautiful deep purple is on even and opaque.
MAC Instigator Kurt
Me and my little instigator, Kurt.

Final verdict? I LOVE these lipsticks. They apply very smoothly, don’t feather and are not drying at all like some mattes. Although they are somewhat similar to others in my collection, I don’t regret the purchase at all.

Luckily some of my fellow beauty bloggers reviewed these lipsticks a few weeks ago and I was able to avoid the other two lipsticks (Hautecore and Punk Couture) that were said to be very patchy and dry.

  • Shalunya TheChronicBeauty

    These colors are amazing!!! So rich and sexy. Thanks for sharing!

    • I know! I love these colors so much but have a hard time finding somewhere to wear them out to!

  • Shweta Manohar

    Both the colors looks great on you, Studded Kiss is so sexy !!!!!

    • Studded Kiss is probably my fave of the bunch because it’s a bit more wearable. Thanks Shweta!

  • aztrouble

    I really like these two colors, time to head back to the MAC store!

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