MAC Cosmetics Sweet and Sour, Razzledazzler and Flamingo lipsticks

MAC Cosmetics Sweet and Sour, Razzledazzler and Flamingo lipsticks

You may remember the previous MAC Monday where I re-introduced some cult favorite lipglass shades that are now part of the permanent line. Well this week I’m back with 3 formerly limited-edition peach and coral lipstick shades: MAC Sweet and Sour, Razzledazzler and Flamingo!

MAC Sweet and Sour lipstick
MAC Cosmetics Sweet and Sour lipstick is a soft peach cream with a cremesheen finish. This was originally released in the All About Orange collection in the spring of last year.

MAC Sweet and Sour cremesheen lipstick close
The formula is fairly creamy and pigmented. It goes on semi-opaque in 1-2 strokes and blends easily. Wear time is about 4-5 hours.

MAC Sweet and Sour cremesheen lipstick
With my fair skin, this is a nice subtle warm peachy nude. When my skin goes from NW15 to a more tanned tone, it is even more flattering!

MAC Razzledazzler lipstick
MAC Cosmetics Razzledazzler lipstick is a soft coral peach with a lustre finish. This first came out in 2007 with the Raquel Welch collection and returned last year for a limited time with All About Orange.

MAC Razzledazzler lipstick close
As with all lustre finishes, the formula is translucent to sheer and can be a tad bit drying. Wear time is probably about 4 hours.

MAC Razzledazzler lipstick and lipglass
Razzledazzler also comes in a lipglass (shown here over the lipstick)

MAC Razzledazzler lustre lipstick
I wear this A LOT in warmer months. It’s subtle and sheer and warms up my complexion. I especially like pairing it with the matching lipglass!

MAC Flamingo lipstick
MAC Cosmetics Flamingo lipstick is a light milky bright pink coral with a lustre finish.  This first came out in 2011 for MAC Iris Apfel and also returned with 2013’s All About Orange collection.

MAC Flamingo lustre lipstick close
I like how pink this coral is. It is more hydrating than the other lustres I have tried and has more pigmentation. Wear time is surprisingly high for a lustre, about 5-6 hours.

MAC Flamingo lustre lipstick
I call this my Winter pink lipstick as it is light enough to brighten me up but not too light against my super pale Winter skin. This is probably in my top 5 prettiest pink lipsticks of all time (don’t make me list the 5 out though.. I probably wouldn’t be able to narrow it down, tbh).

MAC Sweet and Sour Razzledazzler Flamingo lipstick
I picked all of these up during the All About Orange collection and was sad when they were gone. I even backed up the MAC Flamingo shade since I loved it so much. I am so glad these are back for good because now you can get them too!

Pick up your “Cult Favorites” lipsticks at your local MAC or online at Nordstrom.


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  • Tanya Lovetere

    I like Flamingo the best!

  • These all look great on you!
    I don’t have many peach and coral shades because I find they clash with my skin tone, but I do have a coral lip pencil from Ipsy from last summer that I really like.

    • I don’t either, I typically stick to pinks. But I had a very strong Orange obsession last year!

  • yes to flamingo!! i think that one is my fav of the three on you.

    • SAME! Once I get a tan, I feel like showing a comparison of the oranges though. They look SO different.

  • Chelsea LeBlanc

    These are such pretty shades! I love that they’re all really natural but not completely nude. Great swatches!

  • Being the MAC addict that I am, I will need to pick up Razzledazzler and Sweet & Sour. I missed them with the all about orange collection. I do already have flamingo though, somewhere…

    • I think all these colours would look stunning on you! They are a bit off on me right now because of my pasty white lady skin but once I tan they are mega flattering.

  • I like them all! I’d love to go on a MAC lipstick splurge some day — I only have three (and I think one has gone bad, hah).

    • MAC is where I go to feel at home. If I was a MUA I would need to work there.

  • Megan Joy

    Flamingo is so pretty. I am loving your MAC Mondays, please keep doing them FOREVER! I am still on the hunt for a nude that doesn’t totally wash me out. Maybe the answer is in one of your MAC Monday posts! *fingers crossed*

    • I love doing MAC Mondays. I’m going to do a pigment one this week I think.

  • I think your my favorite person I’ve seen rocking Flamingo! Man, it really flatters you in every way! I also love Razzledazzler on you. I own both of those and you’re making me want to bust ’em out!