MAC Cosmetics Twig lipstick review

MAC Cosmetics Twig lipstick review

I am pretty sure MAC Twig lipstick has been a part of my life forever, or what seems like forever. It was definitely one of the first MAC lipsticks I remember owning, along with Del Rio and a Spice lip liner.

MAC Twig Satin lipstick
Why has this lipstick stood the test of time? It’s easy to wear at anytime with any look whether bold or neutral. Described as a soft muted brownish-pink with a satin finish, Twig is a nude shade that even the palest of ladies can pull off.

MAC Cosmetics Twig lipstick comparison dupe swatch
Compared to two of the most recent LE releases, Twig is a bit darker than Boca and not as warm as Oxblood, but definitely in the same family.

MAC Twig lipstick satin look
This is what MAC lipsticks are all about. Creamy, lush, pigmented, and no feathering!

MAC Cosmetics Twig lipstick
Twig is close to my natural lip shade but a bit deeper giving me just a hint of colour. This is an amazing everyday lip shade that I reach for almost once a week.

Is there a MAC lipstick that has been your shade forever?

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  • I’m amazed at how well Twig has stood the test of time. I remember that shade clearly from the 90s, and yet it doesn’t look dates on you now 20 years later!

  • Elizabeth V

    Huge fan of Twig here. Wear it almost daily. Love this shade.

  • I can’t tell you how many times I swatched Twig at a Mac counter and want it every single time. Yet somehow it never made it home with me. I still love it.

    I love how Blue Peep looks on you!

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