MAC Cosmetics Whirl vs. Stone matte lipstick review

MAC Cosmetics Whirl vs. Stone matte lipstick review

Trying to decide which lipstick to review from the newest MAC Cosmetics Matte Lip shades is impossible, so I choose TWO. What’s cool about both Whirl and Stone is they both started out as lipliners (and quite popular ones I might add).

MAC Whirl matte lipstick review
WHIRL is described as a dirty rose with a matte finish.

MAC Whirl matte lipstick swatch
The finish is a nice hydrating, creamy matte. It doesn’t feel dry at all, nor does it feather. Although this isn’t necessarily transfer proof, it is fairly transfer resistant.

MAC Whirl matte lipstick
I have been loving these 90s pinky browns for quite awhile. These shades just look so natural with a bit of edge. Luckily when looking for similar shades in my stash, I had quite a few to compare it to.

MAC Whirl Pander Me matte lipstick Gerard Cosmetics 1995 Maybelline Touch of Spice swatch comparison dupe

Whirl has a bit more of a brown tone to it than all these other ones. Its closest relative would be 1995 (review here), but Whirl has more of a matte finish.

MAC Stone matte lipstick review

STONE is described as a muted greyish taupe brown.

MAC Stone matte lipstick swatch
This was a bit creamier than Whirl but still has the same qualities such as being fairly transfer resistant and mildly hydrating.

MAC Stone matte lipstick
Holy moly do I ever love this shade. I have been on a real taupe/brown kick this past month (it all started with Lime Crime’s Cashmere liquid lipstick). Paired wih a gold eyeshadow and a rosy cheek, this is such a badass look!

MAC Stone Shitaki Touch the Earth Gerard Cosmetics Underground lipstick swatch comparison dupe
And although I thought I had a lot of shades similar, I really don’t. GC’s Underground is the closest, but it is a lot warmer and not as matte.

Wear time on both of these shades is 6-8 hours, which is pretty phenomenal considering I’m a lip-licker. I am so glad MAC has released Whirl and Stone in lipstick form because sometimes wearing lipliner as a lip shade can be way too drying.

The MAC Matte Lipsticks can be found at all MAC stores and online here.





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  • stone is a bit too outside my comfort zone but i really love whirl!

  • Holy, Whirl is BROWN! You can definitely carry it off, but I’d be terrified of that looking like mud on me!

  • i actaully really want to try stone..there have been some pretty awesome looks i`ve seen when it has been used. completely unexpected.

  • Samantha Tyler

    I’ve been eyeing Stone and I definitely need to get it now. Love both on you Julie!

  • Whirl is my all-time favourite lip liner, so I’m definitely curious about the lipstick version, especially because the matte formula is so great! Love the way it looks on you, Julie 🙂

  • Rica Bargo Francia

    I haven’t got these two lipsticks, but I got the Whirl Lip Pencil lately. Yes, finally, they had stocks at Hong Kong stores and I am loving it so much! I can’t wait till The Matte Lip gets released here! 😀

  • Wow, Whirl was made for you! Thanks for reminding me of the existence of Shitaki! I love that one but haven’t used it in ages! Love you for the comparison swatches!

  • Ella

    WHIRL girl! I bought it because of your knowledgeable ways!