MAC Magnetic Nude Superb and Fairly Precious Extra Dimension Skinfinish review

MAC Magnetic Nude Superb and Fairly Precious Extra Dimension Skinfinish review

Frosty highlighted cheekbones that accentuate and define. Just pick up an Extra Dimension Skinfinish from the MAC Magnetic Nude collection and you’re on your way to glam!
L-R: Fairly Precious, Superb

MAC Superb Extra Dimension Skinfinish 2
Superb  – said to be a soft peachy nude with multidimensional shimmer, this is actually more of a warm light copper shimmer on me.
MAC Superb Extra Dimension Skinfinish
I also have Superb on my lids here.

MAC Fairly Precious Extra Dimension Skinfinish
Fairly Precious – said to be peach with multidimensional pearly green (although I don’t see green), this one is more delicate and not as glittery as Superb.

MAC Magnetic Nude Extra Dimension Skinfinishes
Left side: Superb
Right side: Fairly Precious
Also wearing Magnetic Nude Autoerotique blush and Morning Rose lipstick

MAC Magnetic Nudes Superb Fairly Precious Extra Dimension Skinfinish
L-R: Superb, Fairly Precious
MAC Magnetic Nudes Superb Fairly Precious Extra Dimension Skinfinish 2 swatches
L-R: Superb, Fairly Precious (as you can see Superb is a lot more shiny than FP)
MAC Magnetic Nudes Superb Fairly Precious vs Adored Skinfinish dupe
L-R: Superb, Fairly Precious vs. Adored Mineralize Skinfinish (no dupe here!)

Final verdict? I really love Fairly Precious. It’s subtle, a nice glow on my NW15 skin and even looks great on my lids. It doesn’t fade after 6-7 hours and doesn’t accentuate my pores a lot! Superb is also pretty… err… superb, but it’s a bit too dark for my fair skin and because of it’s high shimmer factor, it accentuates my pores a little bit more.

MAC Magnetic Nude skinfinishes are available at Nordstrom for a limited time
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  • Veronica Vargas

    Fairly precious looks precious! Love it!

  • Shalunya TheChronicBeauty

    These are really pretty!! Fairly precious looks great!!!! I’m super fair like you so that would be the one I would gravitate toward. Thanks for sharing, doll. (◕‿◕✿)

  • Shipra Taneja

    Gorgeous on you! <3

  • Laura

    These look gorgeous! I was today in MAC and picked up few things from their new collection. Great post! xo’s

  • Bnii

    thanks for the detailed swatches. I was leaning towards superb but I guess I should get the other one now!

    • It all depends on your skin tone and how much shimmer you want. Superb is wonderful on people in the NW/NC 25+ range. And it is really shimmer with multidimensional color (it’s the most popular EDSF from this collection). Fairly Precious is good on fairer skin or for people who don’t want as much shimmer.

      • Bnii

        I have such huge pores on my upper cheeks, The MAC mua told me to stay away from MSFs -LOL
        but my heart wants one!

        • I have the same issue but I do what my heart tells me. I LOVE shimmer!

  • Brittnee KAO

    I love fairly precious!

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