MAC Prep and Prime Colour Correcting Compact in Neutralize and Illuminate

MAC Prep and Prime Colour Correcting Compact in Neutralize and Illuminate

No one’s skin is perfect, so there will always be a hot new product on the market to help us achieve the look of perfection. MAC’s latest innovation promises to do just that, the Prep + Prime Colour Correcting line.

This new addition to the Prep + Prime line has 4 “shades” in 3 formulas (pressed powder compact, loose powder and cream):
Neutralize – a soft yellow to counteract redness
Illuminate – a lilac lavender to lighten and brighten
Adjust – a peachy beige to warm up sallow or dull skin (medium tones)
Recharge – a peachy orange to warm up dull skin (darker tones)

Mac Prep Prime CC Colour Correcting powder Neutralize
Neutralize – because of my pale pink complexion, I am extremely prone to redness and I believe I have the beginnings of rosacea (damn you, genetics!) I chose Neutralize in hopes that it would control shine and reduce the redness in my face.

MAC Neutralize CC powder before and after
Before Neutralize and After (bare skin, no foundation). This is a very subtle difference but I can see less redness and a blur in all the skin imperfections.

Mac Prep Prime CC Colour Correcting powder Illuminate
Illuminate – now I don’t consider my skin to be particularly dull but I was curious as to what this purple powder would do for me. And I am a bit of a nut for purple.

MAC Illuminate CC powder before and after
Illuminate Before and After (over foundation, used to set). Again a slight difference in tone. It evened me out and brightened up my skin a bit. Reminds me of Hourglass Ambient Powders without the shimmer.

MAC Prep and Prime CC Colour Correcting compact swatch
MAC Prep + Prime CC Colour Correcting Powder in Neutralize and Illuminate

I really do like these powders! They aren’t as soft or finely milled as Hourglass Ambient, but they have the same effect on my skin (with no shimmer). I would compare Neutralize to Diffused Light and Illuminate to Mood Light.

I would definitely recommend these to anyone with more mature skin or enlarged pores because you get that blurred look without shimmer!

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  • Shalunya TheChronicBeauty

    Interesting! I think this is the first time I’ve really seen color correcting powders. Well, Physicians Formula has one but I’ve never tried it. I really enjoyed reading your review on these powders. It’s nice to know that they basically give the same results as the Hourglass powders. Thanks for sharing with us dear! Great review

    • I know a few brands offer colour correct powders but it usually leaves your skin more yellow or green instead of your natural skin shade. That’s why I like the subtle finish of these. People won’t notice you have corrector on BUT they will notice you look good! haha

  • Megan Joy

    I’ve been using the Prep + Prime Transparent powder and I kind of hate it. I found it leaves a very powdery finish on my skin and it doesn’t smooth out well. It is good for blending in my bronzer but that’s it. I might try the Illuminate next time instead!

    • Yea I find white powders are too white for my skin. The Illuminate is nice and soft, but I still prefer Hourglass Ambient over everything!

      • Megan Joy

        Is that a MAC powder as well?

        • Not Mac…Hourglass Cosmetics Ambient Lighting powder. I use Dim Light (a beige peach shimmer). It totally diffuses the light on my face and isn’t chalky. Perfect for photos. Maybe I’ll do a before and after.

    • UFgirl

      I’m not sure why but the way you worded the 1st sentence made me laugh, which I needed, so thank you. I was expected you to say you love it. I’m sorry it’s not working out for the two of you, but there are plenty of these types of powders, creams, etc. on the market. It won’t be hard to find something better. You should sell your powder if you are connected to a site that does that sort of thing, I’m sure someone would buy it from you. Or if you don’t sell your unused stuff, return it if you don’t like it. HTH.

      • Megan Joy

        Haha glad I could give you a little chuckle 🙂 I’m not part of any trading site, and I’m about half way done so I’ll probably just use it up and then try to find something better next time!

  • UFgirl

    Hi there. First time coming across your blog. Can you please tell me why you chose the compact over the powder or cream? In the 2nd picture are you only wearing the illuminate? The illuminate really made a big difference in the way your skin looks, it does look much more evened out. Since you’ve had a chance to play with these do you think you could wear them without foundation or anything over them? Or will it look odd? I don’t normally wear powder or foundation but now that time is catching up with me, I need to mask some of my Roscea, knock on wood, it’s not crazy bad but I definitely need to start wearing something & I prefer light coverage because I’m unwell & sometimes I don’t have it in me to get all crazy with foundation & setting powders, etc. Thank you in advance.

    • The pictures are me with just moisturizer, Lancome Dreamtone and the powder. No foundation. I think these are GREAT used as a setting powder. I didn’t go with the loose powder because I don’t like mess and I feel the loose powder sets into my wrinkles but I typically just use the powder to set foundation. For rosacea, I would use some soothing masks and creams too. Check out – she has lots of tips!

  • zFashionizta

    YUP, that’s me, mature skin & large pores! Gotta get me these.

    Great review and photos. Thanks!