MAC Toledo Kindergarten Red ombre blush, Oxblood lipstick, Chlorafill Pearlglide eyeliner review

MAC Toledo Kindergarten Red ombre blush, Oxblood lipstick, Chlorafill Pearlglide eyeliner review

After I swore I would skip this collection, the packaging just pulled me back in! The MAC Cosmetics Toledo collection has some very bold limited edition designs, white with rubberized trim. Most of the items I picked up are already sold out online, but a lot of MAC counters still have stock left!

MAC Cosmetics Chlorafill Pearlglide eyeliner Toledo
CHLORAFILL Pearlglide Intense Eyeliner – a bright neon lime green with pearl accents.


MAC Toledo Chlorafill Pearlglide Intense eyeliner swatch 1
This is very pigmented and smooth, it goes on opaque within the first stroke and is pretty much waterproof (it took some scrubbing to get the swatch off my hand).


MAC Toledo Chlorafill Pearlglide Intense eyeliner swatch 2
Photographed with a flash to show the pearl shimmer.


MAC Toledo Chlorafill
The best way to wear this is as a thick eyeliner or shadow over a black tightlined lash. Without the black accent on the lashline this looks a bit odd.


MAC Toledo Chrlorafill Pearlglide
Most liners that have shimmer tend to accentuate lines and wrinkles, but this formula smoothed out my skin.



MAC Cosmetics Toledo ombre blush case

The ombre blushes from this are worth the price of admission just for the packaging alone. It comes in a white decorated case with rubberized edges.


MAC Cosmetics Toledo Kindergarten Red ombre blush
In the pan, KINDERGARTEN RED Ombre Blush is a gorgeous crimson to pink nude transition.


MAC Cosmetics Toledo Kindergarten Red ombre blush swatch
Unfortunately, this took a bit of wortk to swatch as it can be chalky. Swatched the crimson, the nude then blended together (left to right).



MAC Toledo Oxblood matte lipstick
OXBLOOD is a matte lipstick is a midtone peachy nude.


MAC Cosmetics Toledo Oxblood matte lipstick
This was the lipstick that sold out online in minutes, probably because it was the only shade from the collection that wasn’t a basic red.


MAC Cosmetics Toledo Oxblood matte lipstick swatch 1
The shade reminds me of Cozy Up from Apres Chic (Dec 2012) only more peach less brown. It has also been compared to Naked Proof (review here).


MAC Toledo Oxblood matte lipstick swatch 1
The matte formula on this is actually a lot less creamy than typical MAC mattes, in a good way. It isn’t too drying and it is totally opaque and like velvet.


MAC Cosmetics Toledo look 2
Wearing Kindergarten Red blush and Oxblood lipstick. I had to rub my brush firmly into the blush to get this faint colour payoff, but the shade is really quite nice.


MAC Cosmetics Toledo look 1
Also wearing MAC Veluxe Brow liner in Brunette, Essence How to Make Bright Eyes shadow palette.

Did you pick up anything from the MAC Toledo collection? 


  • Oh my goodness, that eyeliner. Why do I want it so much? It’s amazing! Also, yes. The blush, forever. Forever and ever. I swatched it yesterday and it was love at first touch.

    • Seriously the liners are gorgeous. I love the look of the blush in the packaging but I am still not sold on the formula…. I think the peach would look nice on you!

  • Oh my, that ombre blush! The packaging! The eyeliner! I want everything :'(

  • Love the acid green liner on you! Had I not just picked one up from Glambot in non LE packaging, I would have totally bought that one. I told myself I’d skip this collex but then I saw it in person and it was curtains. I got the Azalea Blossom blush, Victoriana lipstick, and Bellgreens eyeshadow palette! So much for skipping it, lol!

  • Ah, Kindergarten Red is what tempted me most from the collection! The shade really is lovely, but the sub-par formula makes it easier to cope with the fact that I didn’t snag it 😉 The lipstick looks great on you!

  • I’m surprised at how much I like the rubberized packaging. I wasn’t expecting it, and then I touched it and was like ooooo this is different. I’m sure it’s a dirt magnet, but ah well. I’m surprised the packaging for the ombre blushes doesn’t have a mirror in it though. With that massive blank panel on the inside, it kind of feels like a wasted opportunity.

    For the blush itself though, I had issues with my Ripe Peach as well. I ended up scrapping off the top layer and underneath the… uh… topcoat? I was able to pick up a lot more pigment with my brush.

    • I actually just took the top layer off last night using some packing tape. It is a bit better, but still the formula is a bit stiff.

      Agree, WHY doesn’t it have a mirror? There is room for a mirror!

  • that lipstick is gorgeous on you but the shade now is so annoying! i swatched the ombre blushes and i was meh. one shade seemed nice (i think it was the purple one?) but i wasn’t as hooked as i thought i would be…i will stick with my beach cruisers one from essence! haha

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