MAC x Chris Chang of Poesia collection info

MAC x Chris Chang of Poesia collection info

MAC is teaming up with Chris Chang from the fashion label Poesia! Now I am not familiar with Chang’s designs but he is apparently very well-known in the Shanghai fashion circuit. This collection promises a “vivid kaleidoscope of cutting edge color” and draws inspiration from Kunqu, an ancient Chinese art form.

What I do know is that the packaging is stellar and I am going to need every damn piece from this collection!

Peony Pavilion Cream Colour Base (Hot Pink) – $27.50 CAD/$23 USD

Rich Coral Cream Colour Base (orange) – $27.50 CAD/$23 USD

Sock It Xiqu Cream Colour Base (dirty lavender) – $27.50 CAD/$23 USD


Electric Mandarin Eyeshadow (neon mandarin orange matte) – $20.50 CAD/$17 USD

Mu Mu Bloom Eyeshadow (hot pink matte) – $20.50 CAD/$17 USD

Pale Pipa Eyeshadow (pastel turquoise matte) – $20.50 CAD/$17 USD

Royal Woo Eyeshadow (pastel lemon yellow matte) – $20.50 CAD/$17 USD


Blacktrack Fluidline – $21 CAD/$17.50 USD


Cloud Gait Lipstick (pastel turquoise lustre) – $25 CAD/$20 USD

DDDevilish Lipstick (pastel hot pink matte) – $25 CAD/$20 USD

Gold XIXI Lipstick (pastel lemony yellow lustre) – $25 CAD/$20 USD

Plum Princess Lipstick (pastel plummy lavender matte) – $25 CAD/$20 USD

Vermillion Vee Lipstick (clean, true red matte) – $25 CAD/$20 USD

MAC-x-Chris-Chang-Prep-Prime-Transparent-Finishing-Pressed-PowderMAC-x-Chris-Chang-Prep-Prime-Transparent-Finishing-Pressed-Powder (1)
Prep and Prime Transparent Finishing Pressed Powder – $35 CAD/$29.50 USD

Chris-Chang-Poesia-MAC-Cosmetics-Collection (1)
The MAC x Chris Chang (#MACPoesia) launches May 5th online and May 12th in stores!

  • Rica Bargo Francia

    yes to this!!

  • I NEED EVERY PIECE TOO IT’S SO BEAUTIFUL. I think this is my favourite MAC packaging in awhile (since those purple christmas lipstick at least haha)

  • I’m swooning over this collection. THE COLOURSSSSS!

    • I was showing photos at work and got ‘you’d wear yellow lipstick?’, they got the nastiest look from me. I simply replied “THE COLOURS, are you even looking?”

  • I haven’t wanted an entire mac collection in years, but I must have this. So pretty.

  • Allie Maine

    May I post these pics , crediting your site on INSTAGRAM? I noticed trend mood 1 did but I want to ask first. And just post directly from your site, rather than borrowing from trendmood1. Thank you

  • That packaging is such a collector’s item!

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  • Rica Bargo Francia

    Any ideas of the lipsticks’ finishes?

  • 不错,不错,看看了!