MAC x Proenza Schouler Mangrove matte lipstick review

MAC x Proenza Schouler Mangrove matte lipstick review

About a week ago, I previewed the MAC Proenza Schouler collection. Well it has finally launched and I am officially IN LOVE with the packaging. I only picked up one piece during the online launch, MAC Proenza Schouler Mangrove matte lipstick, but I plan on swatching everything instore tomorrow (and buying more) when it launches.

MAC Proenza Schouler Mangrove lipstick
MAC Proenza Schouler Mangrove lipstick is one of 4 lipsticks in the collection. It’s a bright clean orange-red matte.
MAC Proenza Schouler lipstick
The packaging is to die for. It’s very Tom Ford-esque in its style and construction, and the coloring is a beautiful chrome ombre.

MAC Proenza Schouler Mangrove lipstick
The lipstick tube is very sturdy and you get as much product as the permanent line (only this costs a premium price because of the LE packaging).

MAC Proenza Schouler Mangrove matte lipstick
The matte formula is creamy, opaque, super pigmented and even a little hydrating!

MAC Proenza Schouler Mangrove
I am REALLY glad I grabbed this during launch without hesitation. It is stunning!

MAC Proenza Schouler Mangrove lipstick swatch
Compared to MAC Scarlet Ibis, another LE color that came out more recently in the Marilyn collection, Mangrove is a bit more red, less orange. And I’d even say more subtle.

OVERALL I’d say this one is a winner! I hate paying a major premium on LE packaging ($30 CAD with tax!) but this is super collectible and gorgeous.


  • Tanya Lovetere

    this color looks great on you!

  • Allison @neversaydiebeauty

    Love it, and love the packaging. The shade is gorgeous on you

  • Chelsea LeBlanc

    This is such a beautiful shade! I’ve never really gotten into any of the MAC limited edition collections, which is probably a good thing because I know I’d be broke!

  • Oh wow this is such a bombshell red, so of COURSE I love it!

    • It’s like a nice orangey red. I think i would look awesome on you!!!

  • Ooooh ok Julie, red is sooo officially your color! I’ve see a lot of your lipstick pictures but this is hands down THE BEST! You oughta wear this everyday! Goes so well with your hair, your skin, and your eyes!!!

    • Awww thanks Jasmine! I rarely wear red, usually purple. But I think I’ll make the switch in the summer 🙂

  • This shade is beautiful!! But the price is just too steep, despite the beautiful packaging.


    • I was ready to buy the whole collection but no MAC is worth that price. Grabbed 1 lipstick to avoid skipper’s remorse lol

  • Lygophilia

    Stunningly shade of lipstick and it looks gorgeous on you.

  • This looks awesome on you!

  • I love how you described a bright red shade as subtle, lol. Not quite. But it does look very good on you.

  • i’ve been debating whether or not to get this lippie , but the more swatches i see of it , the more i want it .

  • Thanks for the comparison, this is making me feel less bad for not getting Mangrove. Totally wanted it but have been a little spending in other areas lately.

  • Rica Bargo Francia

    Did you get the other lippies from this collection Julie?