Manning Canning Sun Dried Tomato Mustard and Jalapeno Jelly + A KICKSTARTER!

Manning Canning Sun Dried Tomato Mustard and Jalapeno Jelly + A KICKSTARTER!

I’ll cut right to the chase, Manning Canning needs your help. They are raising funds via Kickstarter to help do two things: build a kitchen so they can grow and also build a 2nd kitchen space for other small food businesses in Toronto to rent out for prep and creation of delicious local food goodies!

Why did I decide to step in and promote this Kickstarter? It’s not JUST because a couple good friends of mine are involved in the project… it is because I love Toronto (where Manning Canning is made), I love supporting local business, I am a bit of a foodie and I get it… small businesses are tough to run successfully. (My mom ran her own business for YEARS, and it all started in our garage. Being your own boss is freaking HARD!)

AND… Manning Canning makes some unbelievably delicious preserves, pickles, jams and jellies.

Manning Canning Sun Dried Tomato Mustard
SUN DRIED TOMATO MUSTARD is based around three ingredients: mustard seeds, sun dried tomatoes and apple cider vinegar (which gives it a bit of a zing). This condiment is perfect on sandwiches, burgers in soups and even just used as a dip for crackers or bread. I have tried this on turkey, ham, cheese… it honestly never fails me.

Manning Canning Sun Dried Tomato Mustard meatloaf
Fave food pairing: with my spicy meatloaf. The cider vinegar in this topping cuts through spice and gives the meatloaf a really zesty flavour (a bit like pickles but not as strong).


Manning Canning Jalapeno Jelly review
JALAPENO JELLY is just a few simple ingredients: white wine vinegar, jalapeno, sugar and pectin. So far I have used this on several charcuterie platters, to top a roast turkey sandwich and as a simple addition to a Triscuit and cream cheese cracker snack. This is sweet and spicy, but perfectly balanced.

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What’s next on my list?
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