Mary Kay Undereye Corrector and Perfecting Concealers review + swatches

Mary Kay Undereye Corrector and Perfecting Concealers review + swatches

It’s Sunday and I did not sleep nearly enough last night. But I can’t go around looking like a zombie, so it’s time to break out the magical Mary Kay Undereye Corrector and pair it with some Perfecting Concealers, and I am good to go.

Mary Kay Undereye Corrector Perfecting Concealer Light Deep Ivory review IG

You’ve probably stumbled across a few posts about Mary Kay’s new correct and conceal products, that’s because they are really good. All the bloggers I know who received these in the mail are raving about them!

Mary Kay Undereye Corrector swatch

First up, Mary Kay Undereye Corrector. This is the same formula as the concealer but with a peach tone to it which really corrects and hides dark shadows (anything with a blue/purple tone).


This is my eye before… note the purple-ish under my bottom waterline, the blueish hue closer to my nose. And don’t forget those age spots, those are going away in a bit.

Mary Kay Undereye Corrector on fair skin

One coat of the Undereye Corrector and the blueish hue is gone. Now, my skin is 38 years old. That’s right. It is a bit dry under my eye area and there are some fine lines, but this stayed exactly like this all day. It didn’t crease or smear.

Mary Kay Perfecting Concealer Light Ivory

Next up, the Mary Kay Perfecting Concealer. This comes in six different shades and has light-diffusing properties to help blur lines and imperfections. The shade I use under my eyes is the fairest of them all, Light Ivory.

Mary Kay Underye Corrector Perfecting Concealer fair skin NW15

Remember those age spots under my eyes? Bye, bye, bye! Adding a layer of concealer over the corrector actually blurred out the fine lines even more.

Mary Kay Underye Corrector Perfecting Concealer Light Ivory

Left side has corrector and concealer, right side has nothing. What a huge difference!

Mary Kay Perfecting Concealer Deep Ivory

For the rest of my face, I use Deep Ivory which is a tad darker than what I use under my eyes. For reference, I am a MAC NW15 and this matches my skin perfectly.

Mary Kay Undereye Corrector Perfecting Concealer Light Ivory fair pale skin

I was able to conceal any age spots, pimples, redness and broken capillaries naturally with the Perfecting Concealer. It blends out really well and has a creamy, buildable formula.

Mary Kay Undereye Corrector Perfecting Concealer Light Deep Ivory Light Deep Beige Bronze swatches

Here are swatches of the corrector and all the shades of the concealer (missing Deep Bronze). I’d say the inside of my arm is a MAC NW13 if you need a comparison.

Now you know I’ve tested A LOT of concealers. I’d put the Mary Kay one up there with Too Faced as far as pigmentation, efficacy and longevity! You can grab these at or from your Mary Kay rep.


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  • I cannot believe how well this concealer has worked on everyone. I’m also blown away by how much it covers your tattoos too!

  • Woooww that looks amazing! Thanks so much for the side by side comparison, i wish more bloggers did that! I find a lot of concealers look a bit cakey on me, even the UD naked that everyone raves about. Maybe will give this a try!

    Raincouver Beauty

  • Your 38 y-o eyes look way better than my 38 y-o eyes! I rarely wear concealer cause all the ones I’ve tried make my skin look dry and crepy (sp?) – adding a few years to my face (which I obviously try to avoid). I’ve only heard great things about the MK one though so I’ll have to give it a try.

  • Yup these are great! Looks great on you! I even took them with me to California last week-although I ended up not wearing any makeup there since it was insanely hot. Like 98-106F hot. How do people wear makeup when it’s that hot?