Maybelline Color Sensational Lavender Voltage lipstick review

Maybelline Color Sensational Lavender Voltage lipstick review

I finally found one of the Maybelline Fall 2013 limited edition Color Sensational lipsticks! It may take a little longer for LE stuff to get to Canada, but I always manage to find what I want in the end. Come to mama, Lavender Voltage (1000)! Totally cool rap name, am I right?

I don’t typically wear Maybelline lipsticks, except for that period of time I was crushing hard on their Vivids line… I digress… let’s see how this Color Sensational formula is!

Maybelline Lavender Voltage lipstick
Very vibrant and cool, Lavender Voltage really is electric!

Maybelline Lavender Voltage lipstick
It took awhile to get the application even, but it is quite a powerful color.

Maybelline Lavender Voltage lipstick
L-R: Lavender Voltage (1000), Mac Violetta (Amplified), Mac Heroine (Matte)

Formula: extremely creamy and moisturizing. It stays really moist all day too plus it smells a bit like cocoa butter/suntan lotion. Downside is the application is a bit sheer and streaky, but I managed to even it out.
Pigmentation: sheer, buildable color. Not extremely pigmented, but a nice hint to start.
Wear time: 3-4 hours. Because of the sheer and slippery nature of the lipstick, it doesn’t stay put all day.

Final verdict? I love the color and moisture of this lipstick. It’s like the color if Violetta and Heroine had a baby! That being said, I’d stick to the Mac lippies this time around.

These lipsticks are few and far between… ’tis the nature of this limited edition world we live in. Other Maybelline Fall 2013 limited edition lippies that I didn’t manage to find include Violet Intrigue and Midnight Plum. Have you found these anywhere?

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  • omg! love the purple!!

    A Beautiful Zen

  • Brittnee KAO

    That is some lipstick! You look gorgeous in it though! Wish I could pull off a purple =(

    • Your coloring isn’t to far from mine I don’t think… you could totally wear this!

  • Wow that is one extreme purple! Did you get any strange looks from people? I’d feel so self-conscious wearing purple haha

    • I live in downtown Toronto, everybody is strange here! haha

      • haha that’s lucky! Vancouver is relatively conservative

        • I have always wanted to visit Vancouver. Went to Seattle over the summer and if the vibe is anything like that, I want in!!!

  • Liliana Ayala

    I’m so sad that this shade was a limited edition color….I should have grabbed it when I first saw it, but honestly the color scared me a bit. But it’s absolutely gorgeous!!!

    • The color is really really close to Mac Violetta (a permanent pro color). You could just grab that instead!

  • OHMYCAT!!!! Purple is my favorite color <3

  • OHMYCAT!! Purple is my favorite color!!