Montagne Jeunesse Green Tea Peel Off Masque review

Montagne Jeunesse Green Tea Peel Off Masque review

We’re on to Week 2 of the Canadian Beauty Bloggers Montagne Jeunesse Masque Challenge sponsored by Farley Co Beauty! If you haven’t been tuning in, you can catch up on Week 1 here.

Now for the creepiest mask of all, the peel-off mask!

Montagne Jeunesse Green Tea Peel Off masque swatch

The mask I got is the Green Tea Peel Off Face Mask with Green Tea, Squeezed Lemon and Ginger

Detox & Pore Cleanse with our new Green Tea Peel Off Masque for a deep cleansed, toned complexion. Experience the well being of natural minerals, young Green Tea, root Ginger and reviving properties of squeezed Lemon to uplift and refresh skin.

  • Suitable for Vegans
  • Gluten Free
  • Dairy Free
  • Nut Derivative Free
  • No Added Parabens


This creepy mask GIF is dedicated to the CBB Official GIF Animator, Steph Lau

My thoughts: I am not a huge fan of peeling masks as it is. They tend to dry me out and are generally just uncomfortable. This one wasn’t as bad as others I have tried. And despite the already existing breakout on my forehead, my skin wasn’t irritated afterwards. I did see a slight change in my skin’s texture. It was smoother and a bit more even.

Comfort: 2/5 – I didn’t like how this felt when it dried and tightened. It was quite uncomfortable on my sensitive skin.
Aroma: 3/5 – Slight citrus smell. Not offensive but not awesome like the Chocolate mask.
Results: 4/5 – I think it cleaned out my pores fairly well and smoothed out my skin.
Ease of Use: 3/5 – It did go on very easy (especially with my mask brush). Peeling it off, although entertaining, was a pain to do. I got quite a few bits stuck in my hair.

Make sure to follow the hashtag #CBBMJMASKOFF on all social media channels to see what the other ladies thought!

You can grab this masque for $1.99 at Farley Co Beauty or at the following retailers:

  • London Drugs
  • Select Brunet
  • Select Familiprix
  • Select Jean Coutu
  • Select Lawtons Drugs
  • Select Loblaws
  • Select Pharmasave
  • Select Proxim
  • Select Uniprix
  • Select Value Drug Mart
  • Select Zehrs
  • Walmart

All Montagne Jeunesse products are Vegetarian Society approved, Not Tested on Animals and Cruelty Free (BUAV Approved).

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  • ooo..hmm…not sure about this one lol. the peeling thing sort of freaks me out.

  • i wish disqus would stop being dumb…

    this GIF is the best thing ever. seriously.

    I love peel off masks and can’t wait to try mine. I want to get a post up with a double review this weekend 🙂

    • I’m so glad people like the peel off masks. I tried but it just was uncomfortable!

  • LOOOOL JULIE! that is one intense GIF… i think you’re more masterful than me! I gotta step it up. Haven’t tried the peel off but … lol you make me so excited for it!

    • My GIFs are not nearly Fun Size Beauty quality but I’m getting there. Still love the one you did in the awks talk post 🙂

  • Awesome GIF, haha! I enjoy peel-off masks for the sake of novelty. I think I may even have this one in my mask pile. I sense some creepy peeling in my near future?

  • Tanya Lovetere

    haha love the video! I have a peel off mask too its its def not my favorite. Mine DEF doesn’t come off in big pieces like that! Did you put on a really thick layer to get it to peel off all at once?

  • Chelsea LeBlanc

    I’ve never really been a fan of peel off masks either, but I won a giveaway & received the Merlot Peel Off Mask and it is incredible! It wasn’t uncomfortable on my skin & it really did brighten my complexion. I loved the gif of the mask, & I need to get this face mask brush you speak of!

    • I found a brush for $2 at the Face Shop. but seriously any stiff haired paint brush would do.

  • Cassandra Turcotte

    Apparently I need to get on the GIF bandwagon. I wanted to do a GIF for the Silicone Eyeliner brush – displaying how awesome it is to use…

    Anywoo! Off to the bath to try this mask out! 😀


  • That GIF is amazing! I find peel off masks so hit or miss, and I need to be in the right mood for one!


  • hahaha omg that gif. While the peeling action is kinda disturbing in that gif, I’m also impressed that you managed to pull it off so neatly!

    • I put a thick even layer on. And I pulled slowly. The forehead part teared off from the rest. What a mess it was!

  • That gif is awesome!
    This mask sure was interesting to try. I got the honey one so it smells differently, but overall they sound the same.

  • That gif is just made of awesome and win! Ugh, the peel off part of the masque has got to be my least favourite part!

    • This one sucked the moisture right out of my skin. That peeling action you see above is me peeling off my skin’s life force. It is soooo dry today.

      • Yeah, I can see that. Don’t you just want to dump your face in oil now? I hate that tight feeling that they leave after the peel off!

        • I did dump my face in oil after… that Pelle Beauty stuff! How do you like the Luxe oil sample?

          • Hah! Great minds really do think alike apparently.

            I loved the Pelle Beauty oil. I need to get some more.

          • May 28 they are having another event. I have a Blue Jay game that night, but you should totally go! Lots of samples plus you’ll meet the owner of Pelle Beauty who is an absolute gem.

  • OMG That girfffffff, you are too adorable! I have combo skin and I really loved the honey one. Peeling it off was my FAVORITE part, I got to have a really good patrick bateman moment muhahaha

  • Megan Joy

    HAHAHA! I love everything about this post, but mostly the GIF lol

    • I loved making the GIF! After looking at the photos Aaron took, I knew I had to do it.

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  • So creepy! I’m not usually a fan of peeling masks either.

  • Hahaha your GIF is amazing!