My guide to the One of a Kind Spring Show in Toronto!

My guide to the One of a Kind Spring Show in Toronto!

The One of a Kind show has been a huge part of the Canadian small business scene since 1975. It started as a Christmas Craft Show in Toronto and has since grown to be the biggest show of its kind in all of North America. Everything at the show is handmade by Canadian (and sometimes American) artisans and definitely one-of-a-kind. I have been going twice a year for as long as I remember, so this year I decided to share my guide to the OOAK show!

B12 Inspired Soap Works
Inspired Soap Works (Booth B12) – artisan all natural soaps, salves, lip balms, dead sea salt soaks, & Fizzies are made from the highest quality oils,pure/natural & organic essential oils free from pesticides and chemicals.

B12 Inspired Soap Works 3
MY PICKS: Detox Blend Dead Sea Salt & Foot Soak, Sweet Orange & Spearmint Bath Fizzie

B24 Monkey Butter 2
Monkey Butter Gourmet Peanut Butter (Booth B24) – founded in October 2011, our kitchen is located in East Vancouver where we have a hard working trio of grinders and mixers. Monkey Butter is made in small batches with love and care, using only quality ingredients.

B24 Monkey Butter 3
At the Christmas show I grabbed a sample pack of all the Peanut Butter flavours so I was sure I didn’t need anymore. But then I saw all the new flavours!

B24 Monkey Butter
AND some just for dogs!
MY PICKS:  Salted Caramel Peanut Butter and Peanut Butter for the dog!

D08 Shi Studio
Shi Studio (Booth D08) – A line of fashion accessories based on the singular idea of framing luscious Chinese silks under gleaming glass. Starting small at local markets and outdoor festivals, Shi has grown to occupy space in leading Canadian retail outlets and is a reliable presence at many of the country’s top shows. 

MY PICKS: The pendants are gorgeous and definitely unique. All are made from original silk robes and kimonos. I have two in my collection already.

D16 Olive Authentique
Olive Authentique (Booth D16) – All their products start with olive oil, then they selectively choose and skillfully combine superior ingredients known for their time tested natural benefits. Each small batch of soap requires weeks of curing to insure long lasting bars of the highest quality.

MY PICKS: Ginger & Lemongrass hand balm and bath salts. The scent literally stopped us in our tracks.

E22 Atelier B
Atelier B (Booth E22) – The two creators of this brand work to bring together sustainable materials, local production, and innovation to their fashion line. The collections are interchangeable, designed to be timeless and to last. Local production of atelier b.’s clothing means a continued partnership with talented friends and individuals, all helping to create in their own way.

E22 Atelier B 2

E54 Matter Company 2
Matter Company (Booth E54) -A holistic approach to personal care which recognizes the relationship between our natural environment and our physical and emotional well being. Building upon an apprenticeship in Therapeutic Herbalism, their extensive experience growing, wild crafting, harvesting and formulating herbal preparations has resulted in an intimate understanding of the medicinal power of herb.
E54 Matter Company
MY PICKS: This 4 piece facial care set and their Baby Sun Care Cream (which I use religiously since it is perfect for sensitive skin).
Matter Company is also available at

F35 Aide Bodycare
Aide Bodycare (Booth F35) -Fun designs mixed with a love of nature. Every batch of their products is handmade with natural & organic ingredients. All soaps are crafted from scratch in the traditional Cold Process Technique. No pre-mixed soap or glycerine bases.

F35 Aide Bodycare 2
The reason I stopped at this booth: soaps for dudes!
MY PICKS: Men’s shaving soap (licorice scent) and butterscotch lip balm.

G37 Lovefresh Body Goodies
Lovefresh Body Goodies (Booth G37) – This Toronto-based luxury line of fun and natural beauty products was founded on the premise that you could have beautiful, glowing skin using all-natural products, that would be as luxurious as they would be healthy for the body.

G37 Lovefresh Body Goodies  2
MY PICKS: Lavender & Tea Tree deodorant cream and Pear Sugar Scrub
Lovefresh is also available at!

H08 Botania 4
Botania (Booth H08) – Danielle, the woman behind Botania, aims to create bath and body treats that look, smell, perform and feel so good so that everyone who uses them feels the difference and falls in love ! The name Botania stands for all things Botanical, for they add such beauty to our world.

H08 Botania 2
Can we talk about how cute these cupcake soaps are???
MY PICKS: ALL the cupcakes soaps and Mojito Tropical bar soap that really smells like ginger ale.

J20W Brooch Boyfriend
Brooch Boyfriends (Booth J20W) – Felt brooches of boys we love! Hannah, a Bachelor of Design Grad from Ryerson’s Fashion Communications program, also does custom orders and currently sells her wares at the Drake General Store as well.

MY PICKS: Kanye and Ziggy Stardust.

K03 Noujica
Noujica (Booth K03) –  Noujica is a small company based in Montreal comprised of two young female designers. By using a range of disciplines such as silk-screening, glass-working, drawing and sewing, Noujica has created a diverse line of one-of-a-kind, sustainable clothing accessories.

K03 Noujica 3
MY PICKS: Their fancy backpacks are amazing. I received one as a gift 2 years ago and I am in love with it.

K20U Said the King 2
Said the King (Booth K20U) – Being a king is an exciting endeavor. Between hangin’ with wizard friends, jousting, making proclamations, and knighting passers by, there are always new things that need doing and creating. It started with a couple of bookshelves and continues on from there. The king creates what the king wants – or else, what point is there to being a king.

K20U Said the King
I have actually been a huge fan of Said the King for a few years, jumping at the chance to own one of their first “single-serve” shelves.

K20U Said the King 3
When Karen (the genius behind Said the King) told me about this table… I needed to have it. “When “The End” comes, you’ll want this by your side,” she says. The End table holds a bottle of your best and a single glass.

MY PICKS: The End table and Foreword shelf

K41 Dalish Cosmetics
Dalish Cosmetics (Booth K41) – Simple enhancements to your natural beauty using natural ingredients. They’re 100% Canadian made and produced and are also an ethically sound company by using local suppliers and being PETA approved. Dalish is constantly looking for innovative ways to make our products as multifunctional as possible so that it’s simple and easy to get fabulous in 5 minutes or less.

MY PICK: Metallic Liquid Eyeshadow Set

N20 Milo and Ben
Milo & Ben (Booth N20) –  Melissa is a graphic designer and illustrator from Toronto and her brand centers around her illustrated characters. While some are strictly needle felted, some have clothes and accessories all made by hand.

N20 Milo and Ben 2
MY PICKS: The little penguins with hats!

Q29 Artifact Skin
Artifact Skin Co. (Booth Q29) –  Culturally inspired, naturally mixed. Artifact is a natural skin-loving company. Their focus is on forgotten cultural traditions in skincare that are naturally natural. Their facial masques combine the elements of aroma, memory, place and beauty traditions from across the globe.

Q29 Artifact Skin 4
MY PICKS: If I had to choose only one, it would be the Egyptian Honey Rose… or maybe Tahitian Vanilla Monoi.

Jenn and Steph
Jenn from A Beautiful Zen and Steph from Fun Size Beauty grabbing some morning snacks.

Nicole from Nicole About Town, Cassy from Exquisitely Chic … moi… and Megan Joy

The One of a Kind Spring Show ends Sunday March 30 (tomorrow!). But don’t worry if you miss it, the Christmas Show in November/December is even bigger.


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  • Brittnee KAO

    This is SO cool that you took us along to the show with you! I went to a craft faire today and it was like 8 booths and SO lame. Jelly of yours! The only plus was mine did at least have a nail polish booth so I got a new polish =)

    • that’s what this show is missing, nail polish!

      • This is very random.. but I was googling for pictures at the One of a Kind Show to see if I would find photos of my booth.. and then I stumbled upon your blog! I was actually there selling nail polish in the Etsy section!! 🙁 I own “Beyond the Nail” .. boo, I wish we could have met 😛

        Here’s my blog post for it, if you wanted to check it out!

        xo Maddy
        ps. awesome blog 🙂

        • If I had known, I would’ve had brought the whole CBB group over (and bought all the stuff). Stalking your etsy now…..

          • Haha, it’s okay. I tried to advertise so much so people would know.. Well anyways, we signed up for next spring 🙂 So hopefully that’ll work better!

        • Brittnee KAO


  • Gahhh so jelly of you all and your media passes!!

  • hahah one of the worst pic of me ever. this is SUCH a great post! i’m thinking im going to be too lazy to put one up ugghhh…must pooost..

    • puhhhleaze. i can take it down though! it took me a good 3 hours to get all my ish together for this, but worth it! you know i LOVE my canadian companies.

  • This looks like such a fun event! I’m sure I’d want to buy everything if I went there.

  • looks amazing! in love with that cupcake soap.

    • Megan spent a good 10 minutes chatting up the lady about her cupcake soapmaking process!

  • Everything just looks adorable!! 😀


  • Aww looks like you guys had tons of fun! Do you know if Monkey Butter retails anywhere in Vancouver?

  • Tanya Lovetere

    Wow what a great event! So may cool things and an awesome way to support your community. Thanks for sharing!

  • Awesome round up! Sounds like you guys had a great time and founds lots of cool things.

  • I love craft shows. This looks awesome and those cupcake soaps and felt animals.. I need.

  • PEANUT BUTTER? Woman after my own heart.

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